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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
bestpos.cpp [code]
bestpos.h [code]
bestutm.cpp [code]
bestutm.h [code]
bestvel.cpp [code]
bestvel.h [code]
bestxyz.cpp [code]
bestxyz.h [code]
binary_header.h [code]
binary_message.h [code]
clocksteering.cpp [code]
clocksteering.h [code]
corrimudata.cpp [code]
corrimudata.h [code]
dual_antenna_heading.cpp [code]
dual_antenna_heading.h [code]
gpgga.cpp [code]
gpgga.h [code]
gpgsa.cpp [code]
gpgsa.h [code]
gpgsv.cpp [code]
gpgsv.h [code]
gprmc.cpp [code]
gprmc.h [code]
header.cpp [code]
header.h [code]
heading2.cpp [code]
heading2.h [code]
inscov.cpp [code]
inscov.h [code]
inspva.cpp [code]
inspva.h [code]
inspvax.cpp [code]
inspvax.h [code]
insstdev.cpp [code]
insstdev.h [code]
message_parser.h [code]
nmea_sentence.h [code]
novatel_gps.cpp [code]
novatel_gps.h [code]
novatel_gps_nodelet.cpp [code]
novatel_gps_tests.cpp [code]
novatel_message_extractor.cpp [code]
novatel_message_extractor.h [code]
novatel_sentence.h [code]
parse_exception.h [code]
parser_tests.cpp [code]
parsing_utils.cpp [code]
parsing_utils.h [code]
range.cpp [code]
range.h [code]
time.cpp [code]
time.h [code]
trackstat.cpp [code]
trackstat.h [code]

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