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nextage_ros_bridge.base_hands.BaseHands Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def airhand_l_drawin
def airhand_l_keep
def airhand_l_release
def airhand_r_drawin
def airhand_r_keep
def airhand_r_release
def gripper_l_close
def gripper_l_open
def gripper_r_close
def gripper_r_open
def handlight_both
def handlight_l
def handlight_r
def handtool_l_attach
def handtool_l_eject
def handtool_r_attach
def handtool_r_eject
def init_dio

Static Public Attributes

int DIO_17 = 17
int DIO_18 = 18
int DIO_19 = 19
int DIO_20 = 20
int DIO_21 = 21
int DIO_22 = 22
int DIO_23 = 23
int DIO_24 = 24
int DIO_25 = 25
int DIO_26 = 26
int DIO_27 = 27
int DIO_28 = 28
string HAND_L = '1'
string HAND_R = '2'

Private Member Functions

def _dio_writer

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

int _DIO_ASSIGN_ON = 1
int _DIO_MASK = 0
string _MSG_ERR_NOTIMPLEMENTED = 'The method is not implemented in the derived class'

Detailed Description

This class provides methods that are generic for the hands of
Kawada Industries' dual-arm robot called Nextage Open.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Since this class operates requires an access to
hrpsys.hrpsys_config.HrpsysConfigurator, valid 'parent' is a must.
Otherwise __init__ returns without doing anything.

@type parent: hrpsys.hrpsys_config.HrpsysConfigurator
@param parent: derived class of HrpsysConfigurator.

Reimplemented in nextage_ros_bridge.hands_05.Hands05, nextage_ros_bridge.iros13_hands.Iros13Hands, and nextage_ros_bridge.base_toolchanger_hands.BaseToolchangerHands.

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Member Function Documentation

def nextage_ros_bridge.base_hands.BaseHands._dio_writer (   self,
  padding = _DIO_ASSIGN_OFF 
) [private]
This private method calls HrpsysConfigurator.writeDigitalOutputWithMask,
which this class expects to be available via self._parent.

According to the current (Oct 2013) hardware spec, numbering rule
differs regarding 0 (numeric figure) in dout and mask as follows:

   * 0 is "OFF" in the digital output.
     * 2/1/2014 Assignment modified 0:ON --> 0:OFF
   * 0 is "masked" and not used in mask. Since using '0' is defined in
     hrpsys and not in the robots side, we'll always use '0' for

@type digitalout_indices: int[]
@param digitalout_indices: Array of indices of digital output that NEED to be
            flagged as 1.
            eg. If you're targetting on 25 and 26th places in
                the DIO array but only 25th is 1, then the
                array becomes [24].
@type dio_assignments: int[]
@param dio_assignments: range(32). Also called as "masking bits" or
                just "mask". This number corresponds to the
               assigned digital pin of the robot.

               eg. If the target pins are 25 and 26,
                   dio_assignments = [24, 25]
@param padding: Either 0 or 1. DIO bit array will be populated with
        this value.
        Usually this method assumes to be called when turning
        something "on". Therefore by default this value is ON.
@rtype: bool
@return: True if dout was writable to the register. False otherwise.

Definition at line 88 of file

def nextage_ros_bridge.base_hands.BaseHands.handlight_both (   self,
  is_on = True 
def nextage_ros_bridge.base_hands.BaseHands.handlight_l (   self,
  is_on = True 
def nextage_ros_bridge.base_hands.BaseHands.handlight_r (   self,
  is_on = True 
Initialize dio. All channels will be set '0' (off), EXCEPT for
tool changers (channel 19 and 24) so that attached tools won't fall.

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Member Data Documentation

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string nextage_ros_bridge::base_hands.BaseHands::_MSG_ERR_NOTIMPLEMENTED = 'The method is not implemented in the derived class' [static, private]

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