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karto::Matrix3 Class Reference

#include <Geometry.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void FromAxisAngle (kt_double x, kt_double y, kt_double z, const kt_double radians)
Matrix3 Inverse () const
 Matrix3 ()
 Matrix3 (const Matrix3 &rOther)
kt_doubleoperator() (kt_int32u row, kt_int32u column)
kt_double operator() (kt_int32u row, kt_int32u column) const
Matrix3 operator* (const Matrix3 &rOther) const
Pose2 operator* (const Pose2 &rPose2) const
void operator+= (const Matrix3 &rkMatrix)
Matrix3operator= (const Matrix3 &rOther)
kt_bool operator== (const Matrix3 &rkMatrix)
void SetToIdentity ()
const String ToString () const
Matrix3 Transpose () const

Private Member Functions

kt_bool InverseFast (Matrix3 &rkInverse, kt_double fTolerance=KT_TOLERANCE) const

Private Attributes

kt_double m_Matrix [3][3]


KARTO_FORCEINLINE std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &rStream, const Matrix3 &rMatrix)

Detailed Description

Defines a 3x3 matrix

Definition at line 2557 of file Geometry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Matrix with all elements as 0

Definition at line 2563 of file Geometry.h.

karto::Matrix3::Matrix3 ( const Matrix3 rOther) [inline]

Copy constructor

Definition at line 2571 of file Geometry.h.

Member Function Documentation

void karto::Matrix3::Clear ( ) [inline]

Sets this matrix to zero matrix

Definition at line 2593 of file Geometry.h.

void karto::Matrix3::FromAxisAngle ( kt_double  x,
kt_double  y,
kt_double  z,
const kt_double  radians 
) [inline]

Sets this matrix to be the rotation matrix of a rotation around the given axis

xx-coordinate of axis
yy-coordinate of axis
zz-coordinate of axis
radiansamount of rotation

Definition at line 2605 of file Geometry.h.

Matrix3 karto::Matrix3::Inverse ( ) const [inline]

Returns the inverse of the matrix

matrix inverse

Definition at line 2659 of file Geometry.h.

kt_bool karto::Matrix3::InverseFast ( Matrix3 rkInverse,
kt_double  fTolerance = KT_TOLERANCE 
) const [inline, private]

Internal helper method for inverse matrix calculation This code is from the OgreMatrix3 class

rkInverseoutput parameter
whether this matrix was successfully inverted; if so, the inverse will be in rkInverse

Definition at line 2805 of file Geometry.h.

kt_double& karto::Matrix3::operator() ( kt_int32u  row,
kt_int32u  column 
) [inline]

Matrix element access, allows use of construct mat(r, c)

reference to mat(r,c)

Definition at line 2706 of file Geometry.h.

kt_double karto::Matrix3::operator() ( kt_int32u  row,
kt_int32u  column 
) const [inline]

Read-only matrix element access, allows use of construct mat(r, c)

element at mat(r,c)

Definition at line 2717 of file Geometry.h.

Matrix3 karto::Matrix3::operator* ( const Matrix3 rOther) const [inline]

Matrix multiplication

Definition at line 2725 of file Geometry.h.

Pose2 karto::Matrix3::operator* ( const Pose2 rPose2) const [inline]

Matrix3 and Pose2 multiplication: matrix * pose [3x3 * 3x1 = 3x1]

Definition at line 2743 of file Geometry.h.

void karto::Matrix3::operator+= ( const Matrix3 rkMatrix) [inline]

In-place matrix addition

Definition at line 2757 of file Geometry.h.

Matrix3& karto::Matrix3::operator= ( const Matrix3 rOther) [inline]

Assignment operator

Definition at line 2694 of file Geometry.h.

kt_bool karto::Matrix3::operator== ( const Matrix3 rkMatrix) [inline]

Equality operator

Definition at line 2771 of file Geometry.h.

void karto::Matrix3::SetToIdentity ( ) [inline]

Sets this matrix to the identity matrix

Definition at line 2580 of file Geometry.h.

const String karto::Matrix3::ToString ( ) const [inline]

Returns a string representation of this matrix

string representation of this matrix

Definition at line 2674 of file Geometry.h.

Matrix3 karto::Matrix3::Transpose ( ) const [inline]

Returns transposed version of this matrix

transposed matrix

Definition at line 2640 of file Geometry.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

KARTO_FORCEINLINE std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  rStream,
const Matrix3 rMatrix 
) [friend]

Write matrix onto output stream

Definition at line 2790 of file Geometry.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 2839 of file Geometry.h.

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