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karto::LocalizedRangeScan Class Reference

#include <SensorData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LocalizedRangeScan (const Identifier &rSensorIdentifier, const RangeReadingsList &rReadings)
KARTO_DEPRECATED KARTO_FORCEINLINE LocalizedRangeScan (const Identifier &rSensorIdentifier, std::vector< kt_double > &rRangeReadings)

Private Member Functions

virtual void ComputePointReadings ()
 LocalizedRangeScan (const LocalizedRangeScan &)
const LocalizedRangeScanoperator= (const LocalizedRangeScan &)

Detailed Description

The LocalizedRangeScan contains range data from a single sweep of a laser range finder sensor in a two-dimensional space and position information. The odometric position is the position reported by the robot when the range data was recorded. The corrected position is the position calculated by the mapper (or some other module)

The following example code creates a LocalizedRangeScan

   karto::LaserRangeFinder* pLrf = karto::LaserRangeFinder::CreateLaserRangeFinder(karto::LaserRangeFinder_Sick_LMS100, "/laser0");
   RangeReadingsList readings;
   karto::LocalizedRangeScan* pLocalizedRangeScan = new karto::LocalizedRangeScan(pLrf->GetName(), readings);

Setting the time is important if any filtering or interpolation is required for the scan

Example of how to to get a human readable time from the scan time.

   std::cout << "Scan Date: " << karto::LocalDateTime(karto::DateTime(karto::Timestamp::FromUtcTime(pLocalizedRangeScan->GetTime()))).ToString().ToCString() << std::endl;

The LocalDataTime automatically corrects for timezone.

Definition at line 874 of file SensorData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

karto::LocalizedRangeScan::LocalizedRangeScan ( const Identifier rSensorIdentifier,
const RangeReadingsList rReadings 

Range scan from the given range finder with the given readings

rSensorIdentifieridentifier of sensor that generated this scan
rReadingslist of range readings
KARTO_DEPRECATED KARTO_FORCEINLINE karto::LocalizedRangeScan::LocalizedRangeScan ( const Identifier rSensorIdentifier,
std::vector< kt_double > &  rRangeReadings 
) [inline]

Range scan from the given range finder with the given readings

rSensorIdentifieridentifier of sensor that generated this scan
rRangeReadingsvector of range readings
Please use LocalizedRangeScan(const Name& rSensorIdentifier, const RangeReadingsList& rReadings)

Definition at line 892 of file SensorData.h.

Member Function Documentation

Computes point readings based on range readings Only range readings within [minimum range; range threshold] are returned

Implements karto::LocalizedLaserScan.

Definition at line 184 of file SensorData.cpp.

Reimplemented from karto::LocalizedLaserScan.

const LocalizedRangeScan& karto::LocalizedRangeScan::operator= ( const LocalizedRangeScan ) [private]

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