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karto::LaserRangeScan Class Reference

#include <SensorData.h>

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Public Member Functions

LaserRangeFinderGetLaserRangeFinder () const
const RangeReadingsListGetRangeReadings () const
 LaserRangeScan (const Identifier &rSensorIdentifier)
 LaserRangeScan (const Identifier &rSensorIdentifier, const RangeReadingsList &rRangeReadings)
void SetRangeReadings (const RangeReadingsList &rRangeReadings)

Private Member Functions

 LaserRangeScan (const LaserRangeScan &)
const LaserRangeScanoperator= (const LaserRangeScan &)

Private Attributes

RangeReadingsList m_RangeReadings

Detailed Description

LaserRangeScan representing the range readings from a laser range finder sensor.

Definition at line 214 of file SensorData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

karto::LaserRangeScan::LaserRangeScan ( const Identifier rSensorIdentifier)

Laser range scan from the given sensor

rSensorIdentifiersensor identifier

Definition at line 72 of file SensorData.cpp.

karto::LaserRangeScan::LaserRangeScan ( const Identifier rSensorIdentifier,
const RangeReadingsList rRangeReadings 

Laser range scan from the given sensor with the given readings

rSensorIdentifiersensor identifier
rRangeReadingslist of range readings

Definition at line 77 of file SensorData.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Gets the laser range finder sensor that generated this scan

laser range finder sensor of this scan

Definition at line 263 of file SensorData.h.

Gets the range readings of this scan

range readings of this scan

Definition at line 245 of file SensorData.h.

Reimplemented from karto::SensorData.

const LaserRangeScan& karto::LaserRangeScan::operator= ( const LaserRangeScan ) [private]
void karto::LaserRangeScan::SetRangeReadings ( const RangeReadingsList rRangeReadings) [inline]

Sets the range readings of this scan

rRangeReadingsrange readings of this scan

Definition at line 254 of file SensorData.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 274 of file SensorData.h.

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