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jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject Class Reference

#include <facing_visualizer.h>

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Public Types

enum  PolygonType { CIRCLE, SQUARE }
typedef std::shared_ptr
< SquareObject

Public Member Functions

virtual Ogre::ManualObject * getManualObject ()
virtual void rebuildPolygon ()
virtual void setInnerRadius (double inner_radius)
virtual void setOuterRadius (double outer_radius)
virtual void setPolygonType (PolygonType type)
 SquareObject (Ogre::SceneManager *manager, double outer_radius, double inner_radius, std::string name)
virtual ~SquareObject ()

Protected Attributes

double inner_radius_
Ogre::SceneManager * manager_
Ogre::ManualObject * manual_
std::string name_
double outer_radius_
PolygonType polygon_type_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::SquareObject ( Ogre::SceneManager *  manager,
double  outer_radius,
double  inner_radius,
std::string  name 

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Member Function Documentation

Ogre::ManualObject * jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::getManualObject ( ) [virtual]

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void jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::setInnerRadius ( double  inner_radius) [virtual]

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void jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::setOuterRadius ( double  outer_radius) [virtual]

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Member Data Documentation

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Ogre::SceneManager* jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::manager_ [protected]

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Ogre::ManualObject* jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::manual_ [protected]

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std::string jsk_rviz_plugins::SquareObject::name_ [protected]

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