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tracking_info Namespace Reference


def angle_error_callback
def distance_error_callback
def publish_text
def tracker_status_callback


 g_angle_error_msg = None
 g_distance_error_msg = None
tuple g_lock = Lock()
 g_tracker_status_msg = None
tuple status_interface = OverlayTextInterface("~status_text")
tuple sub = rospy.Subscriber("~rms_angle_error", Float32, angle_error_callback)
tuple sub2 = rospy.Subscriber("~rms_distance_error", Float32, distance_error_callback)
tuple sub3 = rospy.Subscriber("/particle_filter_tracker/output/tracker_status", TrackerStatus, tracker_status_callback)
tuple text_interface = OverlayTextInterface("~text")

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def tracking_info.publish_text (   event)

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tuple tracking_info::g_lock = Lock()

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tuple tracking_info::sub = rospy.Subscriber("~rms_angle_error", Float32, angle_error_callback)

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tuple tracking_info::sub2 = rospy.Subscriber("~rms_distance_error", Float32, distance_error_callback)

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tuple tracking_info::sub3 = rospy.Subscriber("/particle_filter_tracker/output/tracker_status", TrackerStatus, tracker_status_callback)

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