Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
dwb_local_planner::DebugDWBLocalPlannerA version of DWBLocalPlanner with ROS services for the major components
dwb_local_planner::DWBLocalPlannerPlugin-based flexible local_planner
dwb_local_planner::DWBPublisherConsolidation of all the publishing logic for the DWB Local Planner
dwb_local_planner::GoalCheckerFunction-object for checking whether a goal has been reached
dwb_local_planner::NoLegalTrajectoriesExceptionThrown when all the trajectories explored are illegal
dwb_local_planner::TrajectoryCriticEvaluates a Trajectory2D to produce a score
dwb_local_planner::TrajectoryGeneratorInterface for iterating through possible velocities and creating trajectories

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