dbw_pacifica_msgs/BrakeReport Message

File: dbw_pacifica_msgs/BrakeReport.msg

Raw Message Definition

Header header

# Brake pedal (%)
float32 pedal_position
float32 pedal_output

# Status
bool enabled  # Enabled
bool driver_activity   # Driver activity

bool fault_brake_system

# Faults
bool fault_ch1
bool fault_ch2

uint8 rolling_counter

float32 brake_torque_actual # 0 to 100%

# Anti-lock Brakes and  Stability Control
bool intervention_active
bool intervention_ready

# Parking Brake
ParkingBrake parking_brake

ActuatorControlMode control_type

Compact Message Definition

std_msgs/Header header
float32 pedal_position
float32 pedal_output
bool enabled
bool driver_activity
bool fault_brake_system
bool fault_ch1
bool fault_ch2
uint8 rolling_counter
float32 brake_torque_actual
bool intervention_active
bool intervention_ready
dbw_pacifica_msgs/ParkingBrake parking_brake
dbw_pacifica_msgs/ActuatorControlMode control_type