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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
_cassert.h [code]
_prefix.h [code]
android.h [code]
bsd.h [code]
bsdi.h [code]
cv_bridge.cpp [code]
cv_bridge.h [code]
dragonfly.h [code]
endian.h [code]
endian_compat.h [code]
free.h [code]
gnu.h [code]
ios.h [code]
macos.h [code]
make.h [code]
module.cpp [code]
module_opencv2.cpp [code]
module_opencv3.cpp [code]
net.h [code]
open.h [code]
rgb_colors.cpp [code]
rgb_colors.h [code]
test.h [code]
test_compression.cpp [code]
test_endian.cpp [code]
test_rgb_colors.cpp [code]
utest.cpp [code]
utest2.cpp [code]
version_number.h [code]

Author(s): Patrick Mihelich, James Bowman
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