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Public Member Functions

void currentSpeed (double speed)
 DistanceView (Context context)
 DistanceView (Context context, AttributeSet attrs)
GraphName getDefaultNodeName ()
void lockZoom ()
void onError (Node node, Throwable throwable)
void onNewMessage (final LaserScan message)
void onShutdown (Node node)
void onShutdownComplete (Node node)
void onStart (ConnectedNode connectedNode)
boolean onTouch (View v, MotionEvent event)
void setTopicName (String topicName)
void setZoomMode (ZoomMode mode)
void unlockZoom ()

Private Member Functions

double calculateDistance (float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)

Private Attributes

double contactDistance
DistanceRenderer distanceRenderer
String laserTopic
double normalizedZoomValue

Detailed Description

An OpenGL view that displayed data from a laser scanner (or similar sensors like a kinect). This view can zoom in/out based in one of three modes. The user can change the zoom level through a pinch/reverse-pinch, the zoom level can auto adjust based on the speed of the robot, and the zoom level can also auto adjust based on the distance to the closest object around the robot.

Author: (Munjal Desai)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( Context  context) [inline]

Initialize the rendering surface.


Definition at line 74 of file ( Context  context,
AttributeSet  attrs 
) [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

double ( float  x1,
float  y1,
float  x2,
float  y2 
) [inline, private]

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void ( double  speed) [inline]

Updates the current speed in distanceRenderer which then can adjust the zoom level in velocity mode.

speedThe linear velocity of the robot.

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Prevents changes to the zoom level.

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void ( Node  node,
Throwable  throwable 
) [inline]

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void ( final LaserScan  message) [inline]

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void ( Node  node) [inline]

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void ( ConnectedNode  connectedNode) [inline]

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boolean ( View  v,
MotionEvent  event 
) [inline]

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void ( String  topicName) [inline]

Sets the topic that the distance view node should subscribe to.

topicNameName of the ROS topic.

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Sets the zoom mode to one of the modes in ZoomMode.

modeThe zoom mode that must be set.

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Unlocks the zoom allowing it to be changed.

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Member Data Documentation

Distance between 2 contacts on the view (in pixels). Used while zooming in/out.

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An instance of DistanceRenderer that implements GLSurfaceView.Renderer and is used to render the distance view.

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Topic for the distance scans that this view subscribes to.

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Zoom value between 1 and 0. 1 represents maximum zoom in and 0 maximum zoom out.

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