adhoc_communication.cpp File Reference

Main file for the ad hoc communication node including the main function. More...

#include "header.h"
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void checkMutexAvailability (boost::mutex *m, string name)
void deleteObsoleteRequests ()
void deleteOldPackets ()
void deliverMcAckFrame (stc_RoutedFrame &stc_rf, routing_entry &r, bool send_ack)
bool getGroupStateF (adhoc_communication::GetGroupState::Request &req, adhoc_communication::GetGroupState::Response &res)
McPosAckObjgetMcAckObj (std::string *group, uint32_t p_id, uint32_t seq)
bool getNeighbors (adhoc_communication::GetNeighbors::Request &req, adhoc_communication::GetNeighbors::Response &res)
bool gotAck (AckLinkFrame *inc_frame)
bool gotAckRoutedFrame (routing_entry &route)
bool joinMCGroup (adhoc_communication::ChangeMCMembership::Request &req, adhoc_communication::ChangeMCMembership::Response &res)
 Service to tell the node to attempt to connect to a multicast group.
int main (int argc, char **argv)
void processAckRoutedFrame (AckRoutedFrame *in_a_rf)
void processBeacon (Beacon *beacon)
void processBroadcastFrame (RoutedFrame *f)
void processIncomingFrames ()
void processMcAckFrame (McAckFrame *f)
void processMcActivationFrame (McRouteActivationFrame *f)
void processRoutedFrame (RoutedFrame *f)
void processRouteRequest (RouteRequest req)
void processRouteResponse (RouteResponse rr)
template<class message >
void publishMessage (message m, string topic)
void publishPacket (Packet *p)
void receiveFrames ()
void resendLinkFrame (stc_frame f)
void resendMcFrame (boost::condition_variable &condi, stc_RoutedFrame *rf, routing_entry route)
void resendRoutedFrame (boost::condition_variable &condi, routing_entry route)
void resendRouteRequest (route_request &req, boost::condition_variable &con)
bool sendAuction (adhoc_communication::SendExpAuction::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendExpAuction::Response &res)
void sendBeacons ()
bool sendBroadcast (string &topic, string &data, uint8_t type, uint16_t range)
bool sendBroadcastCMgrRobotUpdate (adhoc_communication::BroadcastCMgrRobotUpdate::Request &req, adhoc_communication::BroadcastCMgrRobotUpdate::Response &res)
bool sendBroadcastString (adhoc_communication::BroadcastString::Request &req, adhoc_communication::BroadcastString::Response &res)
bool sendCluster (adhoc_communication::SendExpCluster::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendExpCluster::Response &res)
bool sendControlMessage (adhoc_communication::SendMmControl::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendMmControl::Response &res)
bool sendFrontier (adhoc_communication::SendExpFrontier::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendExpFrontier::Response &res)
void sendLinkAck (unsigned char *dest, unsigned char *confirmer_mac, uint32_t id, string source, bool cr, uint8_t type)
bool sendMap (adhoc_communication::SendOccupancyGrid::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendOccupancyGrid::Response &res)
bool sendMapUpdate (adhoc_communication::SendMmMapUpdate::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendMmMapUpdate::Response &res)
void sendMcAck (unsigned char *dst, string h_source, string g_name, uint32_t packet_id, uint32_t seq_num)
bool sendPacket (std::string &hostname_destination, std::string &payload, uint8_t data_type_, std::string &topic)
bool sendPoint (adhoc_communication::SendMmPoint::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendMmPoint::Response &res)
bool sendPosition (adhoc_communication::SendMmRobotPosition::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendMmRobotPosition::Response &res)
bool sendQuaternion (adhoc_communication::SendQuaternion::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendQuaternion::Response &res)
bool sendRobotUpdate (adhoc_communication::SendCMgrRobotUpdate::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendCMgrRobotUpdate::Response &res)
bool sendRouteRequest (string *dst, routing_entry *route)
bool sendString (adhoc_communication::SendString::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendString::Response &res)
bool sendTwist (adhoc_communication::SendTwist::Request &req, adhoc_communication::SendTwist::Response &res)
void shutDown ()
 Shuts down the rode node.
bool shutDownRos (adhoc_communication::ShutDown::Request &req, adhoc_communication::ShutDown::Response &res)

Detailed Description

Main file for the ad hoc communication node including the main function.

G√ľnther Cwioro Description: This node implements a dynamic source routing protocol, which allows you to send data through a network of independent nodes. Its important that the node always run with root rights, because the protocol is implement with raw sockets and without root rights you can't open a raw socket.

Node instruction:

The node advertise three services: 1) name: send_string type: sendString This service is to send any data in form from a string over the network. Publish type: getData

2) name: send_map type: sendOccupancyGrid This service sends serialized ROS messages Publish type: nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid

3) name: send_position type: sendPosition This service sends serialized ROS messages Publish type: positionExchange

Every service request has a field for the hostname of the destination and a field for the topic to publish the message. If you want to broadcast a message you must set the destination hostname as an empty string. NOTE: Broadcast don't include acknowledgments and can only be send to direct neighbors and if just one frame of the broadcast packet will be lost over transmission, the whole packet is useless.

The node 'communication_tester' of this package demonstrate how you can use the services. There is also a tutorial to adapt this node to implement a service to send your own ROS messages.

The node have a lot of parameter and defines that can be changed. There is a list of all parameters and defines in the docu foldere.

Special Notes: (not important for users)

For debugging reasons there is an option to set the hostname and the mac of the node manually. There is also the opportunity to give the node only a few of reachable hosts. These option can be set when you start the node. Here an example:

I want to start a node with hostname "my_hostname" and the mac "84:a6:c8:43:1e:3a". The node should only be able to reach two hosts: neighbor_one 10:00:00:00:00:00 neighbor_two 20:00:00:00:00:00 To reach this you must start the node like this:

rosrun ad_hoc_comm ad_hoc_communication wlan0 my_hostname 84:a6:c8:43:1e:3a neighbor_one 10:00:00:00:00:00 neighbor_two 20:00:00:00:00:00

NOTE: If you don't use this feature you can start the node normally and all reachable neighbor will be detected automatically. If you want to use this feature, make sure DEBUG is defined.

Definition in file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Function Documentation

void checkMutexAvailability ( boost::mutex *  m,
string  name 

Definition at line 1026 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 3302 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void deleteOldPackets ( )

Definition at line 3332 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void deliverMcAckFrame ( stc_RoutedFrame stc_rf,
routing_entry r,
bool  send_ack 

Definition at line 2035 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool getGroupStateF ( adhoc_communication::GetGroupState::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::GetGroupState::Response &  res 

Definition at line 53 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

McPosAckObj* getMcAckObj ( std::string *  group,
uint32_t  p_id,
uint32_t  seq 

Definition at line 1725 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool getNeighbors ( adhoc_communication::GetNeighbors::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::GetNeighbors::Response &  res 

Definition at line 326 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool gotAck ( AckLinkFrame inc_frame)

Definition at line 1247 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool gotAckRoutedFrame ( routing_entry route)

Definition at line 684 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool joinMCGroup ( adhoc_communication::ChangeMCMembership::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::ChangeMCMembership::Response &  res 

Service to tell the node to attempt to connect to a multicast group.

[in]reqThe service request object.
[out]resThe service response object.

Implements the ROS service join_mc_group to tell a node to connect to a multicast group.

Definition at line 108 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 1039 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 1790 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void processBeacon ( Beacon beacon)

Definition at line 2646 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 2072 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 2794 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 1754 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 2700 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 1898 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 2252 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 2481 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

template<class message >
void publishMessage ( message  m,
string  topic 

Definition at line 1628 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void publishPacket ( Packet p)

Definition at line 2994 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void receiveFrames ( )

Definition at line 1330 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Definition at line 3380 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void resendMcFrame ( boost::condition_variable &  condi,
stc_RoutedFrame rf,
routing_entry  route 

Definition at line 3273 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void resendRoutedFrame ( boost::condition_variable &  condi,
routing_entry  route 

Definition at line 3218 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void resendRouteRequest ( route_request req,
boost::condition_variable &  con 

Definition at line 3155 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendAuction ( adhoc_communication::SendExpAuction::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendExpAuction::Response &  res 

Definition at line 495 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void sendBeacons ( )

Definition at line 1662 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendBroadcast ( string &  topic,
string &  data,
uint8_t  type,
uint16_t  range 

Definition at line 385 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendBroadcastCMgrRobotUpdate ( adhoc_communication::BroadcastCMgrRobotUpdate::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::BroadcastCMgrRobotUpdate::Response &  res 

Definition at line 418 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendBroadcastString ( adhoc_communication::BroadcastString::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::BroadcastString::Response &  res 

Definition at line 397 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendCluster ( adhoc_communication::SendExpCluster::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendExpCluster::Response &  res 

Definition at line 515 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendControlMessage ( adhoc_communication::SendMmControl::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendMmControl::Response &  res 

Definition at line 576 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendFrontier ( adhoc_communication::SendExpFrontier::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendExpFrontier::Response &  res 

Definition at line 613 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void sendLinkAck ( unsigned char *  dest,
unsigned char *  confirmer_mac,
uint32_t  id,
string  source,
bool  cr,
uint8_t  type 

Definition at line 1739 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendMap ( adhoc_communication::SendOccupancyGrid::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendOccupancyGrid::Response &  res 

Definition at line 366 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendMapUpdate ( adhoc_communication::SendMmMapUpdate::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendMmMapUpdate::Response &  res 

Definition at line 594 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void sendMcAck ( unsigned char *  dst,
string  h_source,
string  g_name,
uint32_t  packet_id,
uint32_t  seq_num 

Definition at line 2021 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendPacket ( std::string &  hostname_destination,
std::string &  payload,
uint8_t  data_type_,
std::string &  topic 

is broadcast

is multicast

Definition at line 715 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendPoint ( adhoc_communication::SendMmPoint::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendMmPoint::Response &  res 

Definition at line 556 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendPosition ( adhoc_communication::SendMmRobotPosition::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendMmRobotPosition::Response &  res 

Definition at line 476 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendQuaternion ( adhoc_communication::SendQuaternion::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendQuaternion::Response &  res 

Definition at line 345 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendRobotUpdate ( adhoc_communication::SendCMgrRobotUpdate::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendCMgrRobotUpdate::Response &  res 

Definition at line 439 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendRouteRequest ( string *  dst,
routing_entry route 

Definition at line 634 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendString ( adhoc_communication::SendString::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendString::Response &  res 

Definition at line 535 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool sendTwist ( adhoc_communication::SendTwist::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::SendTwist::Response &  res 

Definition at line 458 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

void shutDown ( )

Shuts down the rode node.

Definition at line 89 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

bool shutDownRos ( adhoc_communication::ShutDown::Request &  req,
adhoc_communication::ShutDown::Response &  res 

Definition at line 95 of file adhoc_communication.cpp.

Author(s): Guenter Cwioro , Torsten Andre
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