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Volksbot Class Reference

#include <volksbot.h>

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Public Member Functions

double get_max_vel ()
void odometry ()
void set_wheel_speed (double _v_l_soll, double _v_r_soll)
 Volksbot (Comm &comm, double wheel_radius, double axis_length, double turning_adaptation, int gear_ratio, int max_vel_l, int max_vel_r, int max_acc_l, int max_acc_r, bool drive_backwards)
 ~Volksbot ()

Private Attributes

double axis_length_
CEpos2 epos2_left_
CEpos2 epos2_right_
int gear_ratio_
int max_acc_l_
int max_acc_r_
int max_vel_l_
int max_vel_r_
double turning_adaptation_
double wheel_radius_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Volksbot::Volksbot ( Comm comm,
double  wheel_radius,
double  axis_length,
double  turning_adaptation,
int  gear_ratio,
int  max_vel_l,
int  max_vel_r,
int  max_acc_l,
int  max_acc_r,
bool  drive_backwards 

Definition at line 41 of file volksbot.cpp.

Definition at line 97 of file volksbot.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

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Definition at line 115 of file volksbot.cpp.

void Volksbot::set_wheel_speed ( double  _v_l_soll,
double  _v_r_soll 

Definition at line 109 of file volksbot.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double Volksbot::axis_length_ [private]

Definition at line 61 of file volksbot.h.

Comm& Volksbot::comm_ [private]

Definition at line 59 of file volksbot.h.

CEpos2 Volksbot::epos2_left_ [private]

Definition at line 57 of file volksbot.h.

CEpos2 Volksbot::epos2_right_ [private]

Definition at line 58 of file volksbot.h.

int Volksbot::gear_ratio_ [private]

Definition at line 63 of file volksbot.h.

int Volksbot::max_acc_l_ [private]

Definition at line 66 of file volksbot.h.

int Volksbot::max_acc_r_ [private]

Definition at line 67 of file volksbot.h.

int Volksbot::max_vel_l_ [private]

Definition at line 64 of file volksbot.h.

int Volksbot::max_vel_r_ [private]

Definition at line 65 of file volksbot.h.

Definition at line 62 of file volksbot.h.

double Volksbot::wheel_radius_ [private]

Definition at line 60 of file volksbot.h.

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