librpp.cpp File Reference
#include "librpp.h"
#include "rpp.h"
#include "rpp_vecmat.h"
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LIBRPP_API void robustPlanarPose (rpp_float &err, rpp_mat &R, rpp_vec &t, const rpp_float cc[2], const rpp_float fc[2], const rpp_vec *model, const rpp_vec *iprts, const unsigned int model_iprts_size, const rpp_mat R_init, const bool estimate_R_init, const rpp_float epsilon, const rpp_float tolerance, const unsigned int max_iterations)
bool rppSupportAvailabe ()

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LIBRPP_API void robustPlanarPose ( rpp_float err,
rpp_mat R,
rpp_vec t,
const rpp_float  cc[2],
const rpp_float  fc[2],
const rpp_vec model,
const rpp_vec iprts,
const unsigned int  model_iprts_size,
const rpp_mat  R_init,
const bool  estimate_R_init,
const rpp_float  epsilon,
const rpp_float  tolerance,
const unsigned int  max_iterations 

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