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stdr_parser.h File Reference
#include "stdr_parser/stdr_parser_msg_creator.h"
#include "stdr_parser/stdr_parser_validator.h"
#include "stdr_parser/stdr_parser_xml_file_writer.h"
#include "stdr_parser/stdr_parser_yaml_file_writer.h"
#include "stdr_parser/stdr_xml_parser.h"
#include "stdr_parser/stdr_yaml_parser.h"
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class  stdr_parser::Parser
 Implements the main functionalities of the high-level parser. More...


namespace  stdr_parser

The main namespace for STDR GUI XML parser.

Author(s): Manos Tsardoulias, Chris Zalidis, Aris Thallas
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