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CatchConfig.hpp File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
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namespace  RTT

Contains TaskContext, Activity, OperationCaller, Operation, Property, InputPort, OutputPort, Attribute.

namespace  RTT::internal


#define CATCH(T, C)   catch(T){C}
#define CATCH_ALL(C)   catch(...){C}
#define TRY(C)   if(::RTT::internal::catch_exception()){C} else try{C}
 Contains static global configuration variables and cached entries.


bool RTT::internal::catch_exception ()


int RTT::internal::m_catch_exception = -1

Detailed Description

Definition in file CatchConfig.hpp.

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#define CATCH (   T,
)    catch(T){C}

Definition at line 57 of file CatchConfig.hpp.

#define CATCH_ALL (   C)    catch(...){C}

Definition at line 58 of file CatchConfig.hpp.

#define TRY (   C)    if(::RTT::internal::catch_exception()){C} else try{C}

Contains static global configuration variables and cached entries.

The Real-Time Toolkit is documented in The Orocos Real-Time Toolkit Online Manual

Definition at line 56 of file CatchConfig.hpp.

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