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opennurbs_viewport.cpp File Reference
#include "pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/opennurbs.h"
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class  ON_PgonPt


static bool ChangeFromParallelToPerspectiveHelper (ON_Viewport &vp, double target_distance, double lens_length)
static double clipDist (const double *camLoc, const double *camZ, const double *P)
static int comparePptAngle (const void *pa, const void *pb)
static ON_BOOL32 GetRelativeScreenCoordinates (int port_left, int port_right, int port_bottom, int port_top, ON_BOOL32 bSortPoints, int &x0, int &y0, int &x1, int &y1, double &s0, double &t0, double &s1, double &t1)
static bool GetTwoPointPerspectiveUpAndDirHelper (const ON_3dVector &up, const ON_3dVector &CamDir, const ON_3dVector &CamY, const ON_3dVector &CamZ, ON_3dVector &new_up, ON_3dVector &new_dir)
static double len2d (double x, double y)
static bool ON__IsCameraFramePerpindicular (const ON_3dVector &unit_vector0, const ON_3dVector &unit_vector1)
static bool ON__IsCameraFrameUnitVectorHelper (const ON_3dVector &v)
bool ON_GetViewportRotationAngles (const ON_3dVector &X, const ON_3dVector &Y, const ON_3dVector &Z, double *angle1, double *angle2, double *angle3)
bool ON_IntersectViewFrustumPlane (const ON_Viewport &vp, const ON_PlaneEquation &plane_equation, ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dPoint > &points)
 ON_OBJECT_IMPLEMENT (ON_Viewport, ON_Geometry,"D66E5CCF-EA39-11d3-BFE5-0010830122F0")
bool ON_ViewportFromRhinoView (ON::view_projection projection, const ON_3dPoint &rhvp_target, double rhvp_angle1, double rhvp_angle2, double rhvp_angle3, double rhvp_viewsize, double rhvp_cameradist, int screen_width, int screen_height, ON_Viewport &vp)
static void unitize2d (double x, double y, double *ux, double *uy)
static void UpdateTargetPointHelper (ON_Viewport &vp, double target_distance)

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static bool ChangeFromParallelToPerspectiveHelper ( ON_Viewport vp,
double  target_distance,
double  lens_length 
) [static]

Definition at line 1380 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static double clipDist ( const double *  camLoc,
const double *  camZ,
const double *  P 
) [static]

Definition at line 2459 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static int comparePptAngle ( const void *  pa,
const void *  pb 
) [static]

Definition at line 4255 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static ON_BOOL32 GetRelativeScreenCoordinates ( int  port_left,
int  port_right,
int  port_bottom,
int  port_top,
ON_BOOL32  bSortPoints,
int &  x0,
int &  y0,
int &  x1,
int &  y1,
double &  s0,
double &  t0,
double &  s1,
double &  t1 
) [static]

Definition at line 2769 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static bool GetTwoPointPerspectiveUpAndDirHelper ( const ON_3dVector up,
const ON_3dVector CamDir,
const ON_3dVector CamY,
const ON_3dVector CamZ,
ON_3dVector new_up,
ON_3dVector new_dir 
) [static]

Definition at line 1490 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static double len2d ( double  x,
double  y 
) [static]

Definition at line 21 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static bool ON__IsCameraFramePerpindicular ( const ON_3dVector unit_vector0,
const ON_3dVector unit_vector1 
) [static]

Definition at line 87 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static bool ON__IsCameraFrameUnitVectorHelper ( const ON_3dVector v) [static]

Definition at line 78 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

bool ON_GetViewportRotationAngles ( const ON_3dVector X,
const ON_3dVector Y,
const ON_3dVector Z,
double *  angle1,
double *  angle2,
double *  angle3 

Definition at line 93 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

bool ON_IntersectViewFrustumPlane ( const ON_Viewport vp,
const ON_PlaneEquation plane_equation,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_3dPoint > &  points 

Definition at line 4267 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

ON_Geometry  ,
bool ON_ViewportFromRhinoView ( ON::view_projection  projection,
const ON_3dPoint rhvp_target,
double  rhvp_angle1,
double  rhvp_angle2,
double  rhvp_angle3,
double  rhvp_viewsize,
double  rhvp_cameradist,
int  screen_width,
int  screen_height,
ON_Viewport vp 

Definition at line 1955 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static void unitize2d ( double  x,
double  y,
double *  ux,
double *  uy 
) [static]

Definition at line 37 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

static void UpdateTargetPointHelper ( ON_Viewport vp,
double  target_distance 
) [static]

Definition at line 1286 of file opennurbs_viewport.cpp.

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