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opennurbs_nurbssurface.h File Reference
#include <pcl/pcl_exports.h>
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class  ON_CageMorph
class  ON_MorphControl
class  ON_NurbsCage
class  ON_NurbsSurface
class  ON_TensorProduct


ON_DECL bool ON_GetCageXform (const ON_NurbsCage &cage, ON_Xform &cage_xform)
ON_DECL ON_NurbsSurfaceON_NurbsSurfaceQuadrilateral (const ON_3dPoint &P, const ON_3dPoint &Q, const ON_3dPoint &R, const ON_3dPoint &S, ON_NurbsSurface *nurbs_surface=NULL)

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ON_DECL bool ON_GetCageXform ( const ON_NurbsCage cage,
ON_Xform cage_xform 

Definition at line 1986 of file opennurbs_nurbsvolume.cpp.

ON_DECL ON_NurbsSurface* ON_NurbsSurfaceQuadrilateral ( const ON_3dPoint P,
const ON_3dPoint Q,
const ON_3dPoint R,
const ON_3dPoint S,
ON_NurbsSurface nurbs_surface = NULL 

Definition at line 3016 of file opennurbs_nurbssurface.cpp.

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