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#include "gtest/gtest-death-test.h"
#include "gtest/internal/gtest-port.h"
#include "gtest/gtest-message.h"
#include "gtest/internal/gtest-string.h"
#include "src/gtest-internal-inl.h"
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namespace  testing
namespace  testing::internal




 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (death_test_use_fork, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("death_test_use_fork", false),"Instructs to use fork()/_exit() instead of clone() in death tests. ""Ignored and always uses fork() on POSIX systems where clone() is not ""implemented. Useful when running under valgrind or similar tools if ""those do not support clone(). Valgrind 3.3.1 will just fail if ""it sees an unsupported combination of clone() flags. ""It is not recommended to use this flag w/o valgrind though it will ""work in 99% of the cases. Once valgrind is fixed, this flag will ""most likely be removed.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_string_ (death_test_style, internal::StringFromGTestEnv("death_test_style", kDefaultDeathTestStyle),"Indicates how to run a death test in a forked child process: ""\"threadsafe\" (child process re-executes the test binary ""from the beginning, running only the specific death test) or ""\"fast\" (child process runs the death test immediately ""after forking).")
 testing::internal::GTEST_DEFINE_string_ (internal_run_death_test,"","Indicates the file, line number, temporal index of ""the single death test to run, and a file descriptor to ""which a success code may be sent, all separated by ""colons. This flag is specified if and only if the current ""process is a sub-process launched for running a thread-safe ""death test. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.")


static const char testing::kDefaultDeathTestStyle [] = "fast"

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