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transform_footstep_array Namespace Reference


def callback


tuple frame_id = rospy.get_param("~frame_id", "odom")
tuple pub = rospy.Publisher("~output", FootstepArray)
tuple s = rospy.Subscriber("~input", FootstepArray, callback)
tuple strict_tf = rospy.get_param("~strict_tf", True)
tuple tf_listener = tf.TransformListener()

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tuple transform_footstep_array::frame_id = rospy.get_param("~frame_id", "odom")

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tuple transform_footstep_array::pub = rospy.Publisher("~output", FootstepArray)

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tuple transform_footstep_array::s = rospy.Subscriber("~input", FootstepArray, callback)

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tuple transform_footstep_array::strict_tf = rospy.get_param("~strict_tf", True)

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