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utest.cpp File Reference
#include <industrial_extrinsic_cal/calibration_job_definition.h>
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include <yaml-cpp/yaml.h>
#include <fstream>
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std::string caljob_file_name ("/home/cgomez/ros/hydro/catkin_ws/src/industrial_calibration/industrial_extrinsic_cal/yaml/test1_caljob_def.yaml")
std::string camera_file_name ("/home/cgomez/ros/hydro/catkin_ws/src/industrial_calibration/industrial_extrinsic_cal/yaml/test1_camera_def.yaml")
int main (int argc, char **argv)
void print_AAtoH (double x, double y, double z, double tx, double ty, double tz)
std::string target_file_name ("/home/cgomez/ros/hydro/catkin_ws/src/industrial_calibration/industrial_extrinsic_cal/yaml/test1_target_def.yaml")
 TEST (DISABLED_IndustrialExtrinsicCalSuite, load_check)
 TEST (DISABLED_IndustrialExtrinsicCalSuite, param_check)
 TEST (DISABLED_IndustrialExtrinsicCalSuite, ceres_check)


CalibrationJob Cal_job (camera_file_name, target_file_name, caljob_file_name)
P_BLOCK extrinsics
P_BLOCK intrinsics
std::vector< float > obs_x
std::vector< float > obs_y
P_BLOCK pnt_pos
std::vector< int > point_ids
P_BLOCK target_pose

Function Documentation

std::string caljob_file_name ( "/home/cgomez/ros/hydro/catkin_ws/src/industrial_calibration/industrial_extrinsic_cal/yaml/test1_caljob_def.yaml"  )
std::string camera_file_name ( "/home/cgomez/ros/hydro/catkin_ws/src/industrial_calibration/industrial_extrinsic_cal/yaml/test1_camera_def.yaml"  )
int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 239 of file utest.cpp.

void print_AAtoH ( double  x,
double  y,
double  z,
double  tx,
double  ty,
double  tz 

Definition at line 223 of file utest.cpp.

std::string target_file_name ( "/home/cgomez/ros/hydro/catkin_ws/src/industrial_calibration/industrial_extrinsic_cal/yaml/test1_target_def.yaml"  )
TEST ( DISABLED_IndustrialExtrinsicCalSuite  ,

Definition at line 49 of file utest.cpp.

TEST ( DISABLED_IndustrialExtrinsicCalSuite  ,

Definition at line 84 of file utest.cpp.

TEST ( DISABLED_IndustrialExtrinsicCalSuite  ,

Definition at line 168 of file utest.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 44 of file utest.cpp.

Definition at line 43 of file utest.cpp.

std::vector<float> obs_x

Definition at line 40 of file utest.cpp.

std::vector<float> obs_y

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Definition at line 46 of file utest.cpp.

std::vector<int> point_ids

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Definition at line 45 of file utest.cpp.

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