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AVT::VmbAPI Namespace Reference


class  AncillaryData
class  BasicLockable
class  Camera
struct  dynamic_cast_tag
class  EnumEntry
class  Feature
class  FeatureContainer
class  FileLogger
class  Frame
class  ICameraFactory
class  ICameraListObserver
class  IFeatureObserver
class  IFrameObserver
class  IInterfaceListObserver
class  Interface
class  IRegisterDevice
class  Mutex
class  ref_count
class  ref_count_base
class  shared_ptr
class  VimbaSystem


typedef std::vector< CameraPtr > CameraPtrVector
typedef std::vector< EnumEntryEnumEntryVector
typedef std::map< std::string,
FeaturePtr > 
typedef std::vector< FeaturePtr > FeaturePtrVector
typedef std::vector< FramePtr > FramePtrVector
typedef std::vector
< ICameraListObserverPtr > 
typedef std::vector
< IFeatureObserverPtr > 
typedef std::vector
< IInterfaceListObserverPtr > 
typedef std::vector< VmbInt64_tInt64Vector
typedef std::vector< InterfacePtr > InterfacePtrVector
typedef LOGGER_DECLLogger
typedef std::vector< std::string > StringVector
typedef std::vector< VmbUchar_tUcharVector
typedef std::vector< VmbUint64_tUint64Vector


enum  UpdateTriggerType { UpdateTriggerPluggedIn = 0, UpdateTriggerPluggedOut = 1, UpdateTriggerOpenStateChanged = 3 }


template<class T , class T2 >
shared_ptr< T > dynamic_pointer_cast (const shared_ptr< T2 > &rSharedPointer)
typedef SP_DECL (Interface) InterfacePtr
typedef SP_DECL (Camera) CameraPtr
typedef SP_DECL (Feature) FeaturePtr
typedef SP_DECL (FeatureContainer) FeatureContainerPtr
typedef SP_DECL (IFeatureObserver) IFeatureObserverPtr
typedef SP_DECL (Frame) FramePtr
typedef SP_DECL (FrameHandler) FrameHandlerPtr
typedef SP_DECL (IFrameObserver) IFrameObserverPtr
typedef SP_DECL (AncillaryData) AncillaryDataPtr
typedef SP_DECL (ICameraFactory) ICameraFactoryPtr
typedef SP_DECL (ICameraListObserver) ICameraListObserverPtr
typedef SP_DECL (IInterfaceListObserver) IInterfaceListObserverPtr
typedef SP_DECL (Mutex) MutexPtr
typedef SP_DECL (BasicLockable) BasicLockablePtr

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<CameraPtr> AVT::VmbAPI::CameraPtrVector

Definition at line 45 of file Camera.h.

Definition at line 65 of file VimbaCPPCommon.h.

typedef std::map<std::string, FeaturePtr> AVT::VmbAPI::FeaturePtrMap

Definition at line 49 of file Feature.h.

typedef std::vector<FeaturePtr> AVT::VmbAPI::FeaturePtrVector

Definition at line 46 of file Feature.h.

typedef std::vector<FramePtr> AVT::VmbAPI::FramePtrVector

Definition at line 336 of file Frame.h.

typedef std::vector<ICameraListObserverPtr> AVT::VmbAPI::ICameraListObserverPtrVector

Definition at line 69 of file ICameraListObserver.h.

typedef std::vector<IFeatureObserverPtr> AVT::VmbAPI::IFeatureObserverPtrVector

Definition at line 65 of file IFeatureObserver.h.

typedef std::vector<IInterfaceListObserverPtr> AVT::VmbAPI::IInterfaceListObserverPtrVector

Definition at line 68 of file IInterfaceListObserver.h.

typedef std::vector<VmbInt64_t> AVT::VmbAPI::Int64Vector

Definition at line 62 of file VimbaCPPCommon.h.

typedef std::vector<InterfacePtr> AVT::VmbAPI::InterfacePtrVector

Definition at line 46 of file VimbaSystem.h.

Definition at line 47 of file LoggerDefines.h.

typedef std::vector<std::string> AVT::VmbAPI::StringVector

Definition at line 64 of file VimbaCPPCommon.h.

typedef std::vector<VmbUchar_t> AVT::VmbAPI::UcharVector

Definition at line 63 of file VimbaCPPCommon.h.

typedef std::vector<VmbUint64_t> AVT::VmbAPI::Uint64Vector

Definition at line 61 of file VimbaCPPCommon.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 54 of file VimbaCPPCommon.h.

Function Documentation

template<class T , class T2 >
shared_ptr< T > AVT::VmbAPI::dynamic_pointer_cast ( const shared_ptr< T2 > &  rSharedPointer)

Definition at line 264 of file SharedPointer_impl.h.

typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( Interface  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( Camera  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( Feature  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( FeatureContainer  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( IFeatureObserver  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( Frame  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( FrameHandler  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( IFrameObserver  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( AncillaryData  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( ICameraFactory  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( ICameraListObserver  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( IInterfaceListObserver  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( Mutex  )
typedef AVT::VmbAPI::SP_DECL ( BasicLockable  )

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