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UserLoggerDefines.h File Reference
#include <VimbaCPP/Include/FileLogger.h>
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namespace  AVT
namespace  AVT::VmbAPI


#define LOGGER_DECL   FileLogger
#define LOGGER_DEF   FileLogger( "VimbaCPP.log", true )
#define LOGGER_LOG(logger, loggingInfo)   if ( NULL != (logger) ) (logger)->Log( loggingInfo );

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#define LOGGER_DECL   FileLogger

Definition at line 42 of file UserLoggerDefines.h.

#define LOGGER_DEF   FileLogger( "VimbaCPP.log", true )

Definition at line 43 of file UserLoggerDefines.h.

#define LOGGER_LOG (   logger,
)    if ( NULL != (logger) ) (logger)->Log( loggingInfo );

Definition at line 44 of file UserLoggerDefines.h.

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