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com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

String getActionName ()
ConnectedNode getConnectedNode ()
GraphName getDefaultNodeName ()
void onStart (ConnectedNode connectedNode)
 RoconAppManager (String nodeName, String actionName)
void setActionName (String actionName)
void setAppListResponseBuilder (ServiceResponseBuilder< GetAppListRequest, GetAppListResponse > appListResponseBuilder)
void setInviteResponseBuilder (ServiceResponseBuilder< InviteRequest, InviteResponse > inviteResponseBuilder)
void setNodeName (String nodeName)
void setParent (RosBaseActivity parent)
void setPlatformInfoResponseBuilder (ServiceResponseBuilder< GetPlatformInfoRequest, GetPlatformInfoResponse > platformInfoResponseBuilder)
void setStartAppResponseBuilder (ServiceResponseBuilder< StartAppRequest, StartAppResponse > startAppResponseBuilder)
void setStatusResponseBuilder (ServiceResponseBuilder< StatusRequest, StatusResponse > statusResponseBuilder)

Static Public Attributes

static final String ACTION_APPLIST = "list_apps"
static final String ACTION_INVITE = "invite"
static final String ACTION_PLATFORMINFO = "platform_info"
static final String ACTION_STARTAPP = "start_app"
static final String ACTION_STATUS = "status"

Private Member Functions

void onStartApp ()
void onStartAppList ()
void onStartInvite ()
void onStartPlatformInfo ()
void onStartStatus ()

Private Attributes

String actionName = ""
< GetAppListRequest,
GetAppListResponse > 
appListResponseBuilder = null
ConnectedNode connectedNode = null
< InviteRequest,
InviteResponse > 
inviteResponseBuilder = null
String nodeName = ""
RosBaseActivity parent = null
< GetPlatformInfoRequest,
GetPlatformInfoResponse > 
platformInfoResponseBuilder = null
String serviceName = ""
< StartAppRequest,
StartAppResponse > 
startAppResponseBuilder = null
< StatusRequest,
StatusResponse > 
statusResponseBuilder = null

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.RoconAppManager ( String  nodeName,
String  actionName 
) [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

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Implements org::ros::node::NodeMain.

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Reimplemented from org::ros::node::AbstractNodeMain.

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void com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.setActionName ( String  actionName) [inline]

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void com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.setAppListResponseBuilder ( ServiceResponseBuilder< GetAppListRequest, GetAppListResponse >  appListResponseBuilder) [inline]

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void com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.setInviteResponseBuilder ( ServiceResponseBuilder< InviteRequest, InviteResponse >  inviteResponseBuilder) [inline]

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void com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.setPlatformInfoResponseBuilder ( ServiceResponseBuilder< GetPlatformInfoRequest, GetPlatformInfoResponse >  platformInfoResponseBuilder) [inline]

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void com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.setStartAppResponseBuilder ( ServiceResponseBuilder< StartAppRequest, StartAppResponse >  startAppResponseBuilder) [inline]

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void com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.setStatusResponseBuilder ( ServiceResponseBuilder< StatusRequest, StatusResponse >  statusResponseBuilder) [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

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ServiceResponseBuilder<GetAppListRequest, GetAppListResponse> com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.appListResponseBuilder = null [private]

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ServiceResponseBuilder<InviteRequest, InviteResponse> com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.inviteResponseBuilder = null [private]

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ServiceResponseBuilder<GetPlatformInfoRequest, GetPlatformInfoResponse> com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.platformInfoResponseBuilder = null [private]

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ServiceResponseBuilder<StartAppRequest, StartAppResponse> com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.startAppResponseBuilder = null [private]

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ServiceResponseBuilder<StatusRequest, StatusResponse> com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.RoconAppManager.statusResponseBuilder = null [private]

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