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com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void onClick (View v)
boolean onCreateOptionsMenu (Menu menu)

Protected Member Functions

void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onNewIntent (Intent intent)
void onPause ()
void onResume ()

Package Attributes

Button btnWrite = null
EditText editMasterUri = null
EditText editPassword = null
EditText editSsid = null
EditText editTable = null
EditText editWebLink = null
String masteruri = ""
RoconNfcManager mNfcManager = null
String password = ""
String ssid = ""
String table = ""
TextView txtText = null
String weblink = ""

Static Private Attributes

static final String PREFS_KEY_PW = "PW_KEY"
static final String PREFS_KEY_SSID = "SSID_KEY"
static final String PREFS_KEY_TABLE = "TABLE_KEY"
static final String PREFS_KEY_URI = "URI_KEY"
static final String PREFS_KEY_WEB = "WEB_KEY"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file rocon_nfc_writer/src/com/rocon/nfc/

Member Function Documentation

void com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.onClick ( View  v) [inline]
void com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.onCreate ( Bundle  savedInstanceState) [inline, protected]
boolean com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.onCreateOptionsMenu ( Menu  menu) [inline]
void com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.onNewIntent ( Intent  intent) [inline, protected]
void com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.onPause ( ) [inline, protected]
void com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.onResume ( ) [inline, protected]

Member Data Documentation

Button com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.btnWrite = null [package]
EditText com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.editMasterUri = null [package]
EditText com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.editPassword = null [package]
EditText com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.editSsid = null [package]
EditText com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.editTable = null [package]
EditText com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.editWebLink = null [package]
String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.masteruri = "" [package]
String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.password = "" [package]
final String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.PREFS_KEY_PW = "PW_KEY" [static, private]
final String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.PREFS_KEY_SSID = "SSID_KEY" [static, private]
final String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.PREFS_KEY_TABLE = "TABLE_KEY" [static, private]
final String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.PREFS_KEY_URI = "URI_KEY" [static, private]
final String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.PREFS_KEY_WEB = "WEB_KEY" [static, private]
String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.ssid = "" [package]
String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.table = "" [package]
TextView com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.txtText = null [package]
String com.rocon.nfc.MainActivity.weblink = "" [package]

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