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com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean changeNfcStatus (boolean enable)
boolean checkNfcStatus ()
boolean disableForegroundDispatch ()
boolean enableForegroundDispatch ()
String getPayload ()
String ndefMessageToString (NdefMessage message)
boolean onNewIntent (Intent intent)
String processTag ()
 RoconNfcManager (Context context)
boolean writeMimeNdefMessage (String payload, boolean isAAR)
boolean writeNdefMessage (NdefMessage message)
boolean writeTextNdefMessage (String payload, boolean isAAR)
boolean wrtieUriNdefMessage (String payload, boolean isAAR)

Private Member Functions

NdefRecord createTextRecord (String text, Locale locale, boolean encodeInUtf8)

Private Attributes

Context mContext = null
String mCurrentNdefString = ""
IntentFilter[] mFilters
NfcAdapter mNfcAdapter = null
Intent mPassedIntent = null
PendingIntent mPendingIntent = null
String[][] mTechList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file rocon_nfc_writer/src/com/rocon/nfc/

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.RoconNfcManager ( Context  context) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

boolean com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.changeNfcStatus ( boolean  enable) [inline]
NdefRecord com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.createTextRecord ( String  text,
Locale  locale,
boolean  encodeInUtf8 
) [inline, private]
String com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.ndefMessageToString ( NdefMessage  message) [inline]
boolean com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.onNewIntent ( Intent  intent) [inline]
boolean com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.writeMimeNdefMessage ( String  payload,
boolean  isAAR 
) [inline]
boolean com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.writeNdefMessage ( NdefMessage  message) [inline]
boolean com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.writeTextNdefMessage ( String  payload,
boolean  isAAR 
) [inline]
boolean com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.wrtieUriNdefMessage ( String  payload,
boolean  isAAR 
) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Context com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.mContext = null [private]
IntentFilter [] com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.mFilters [private]
NfcAdapter com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.mNfcAdapter = null [private]
PendingIntent com.rocon.nfc.RoconNfcManager.mPendingIntent = null [private]

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