Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
industrial::byte_array::ByteArrayThe byte array wraps a traditional, fixed size, array of bytes (i.e. char*)
industrial::comms_fault_handler::CommsFaultHandlerInterface definition for communications fault handler. Defines the type of communcations faults that can be handled and the function callbacks that should be executed under the specific fault conditions
industrial::joint_data::JointDataClass encapsulated joint data (positions, accelerations, velocity, torque, and/or effort)
industrial::joint_message::JointMessageClass encapsulated joint message generation methods (either to or from a SimpleMessage type. This message represents the joint position data. NOTE: In earlier versions this was simply referred to as JOINT message. This caused confusion as there are many types of joint messages (position, velocity, feedback). To remove confusion, this message was changed to JOINT_POSITION. Other types of messages will have to be created for velocity and other feedback
industrial::joint_traj::JointTrajClass encapsulated joint trajectory. A joint trajectory includes an array of JointTrajPt data types. The intention for this class is to be loaded into a single message for communication over a simple connection
industrial::joint_traj_pt::JointTrajPtClass encapsulated joint trajectory point data. The point data serves as a waypoint along a trajectory and is meant to mirror the JointTrajectoryPoint message
industrial::joint_traj_pt_message::JointTrajPtMessageClass encapsulated joint trajectory point message generation methods (either to or from a industrial::simple_message::SimpleMessage type
industrial::message_handler::MessageHandlerInterface definition for message handlers. The interface defines the callback function that should execute when a message is received
industrial::message_manager::MessageManagerThe message manager handles communications for a simple server
industrial::ping_handler::PingHandlerMessage handler that handles ping messages
industrial::ping_message::PingMessageClass encapsulated ping message generation methods (either to or from a SimpleMessage type
industrial::robot_status::RobotStatusClass encapsulated robot status data. The robot status data is meant to mirror the industrial_msgs/RobotStatus message
industrial::robot_status_message::RobotStatusMessageClass encapsulated robot status message generation methods (either to or from a industrial::simple_message::SimpleMessage type
industrial::simple_comms_fault_handler::SimpleCommsFaultHandlerDefault implementation of comms fault handler. This class attempts to reconnect if the connection is lost
industrial::simple_message::SimpleMessageThis class defines a simple messaging protocol for communicating with an industrial robot controller
industrial::simple_serialize::SimpleSerializeInterface for loading and unloading a class to/from a ByteArray
industrial::simple_socket::SimpleSocketDefines socket functions required for a simple connection type
industrial::smpl_msg_connection::SmplMsgConnectionDefines an interface and common methods for sending simple messages (see simple_message). This interface makes a bare minimum of assumptions:
industrial::tcp_client::TcpClientDefines TCP client functions
industrial::tcp_server::TcpServerDefines TCP server functions
industrial::typed_message::TypedMessageMessage interface for typed messages built from SimpleMessage

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