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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
bag.cpp [code]
bag.h [code]
buffer.cpp [code]
buffer.h [code]
bz2_stream.cpp [code]
chunked_file.cpp [code]
chunked_file.h [code]
constants.h [code]
exceptions.h [code]
macros.h [code]
message_instance.cpp [code]
message_instance.h [code]
play.cpp [code]
player.cpp [code]
player.h [code]
query.cpp [code]
query.h [code]
record.cpp [code]
recorder.cpp [code]
recorder.h [code]
stream.cpp [code]
stream.h [code]
structures.h [code]
time_translator.cpp [code]
time_translator.h [code]
uncompressed_stream.cpp [code]
view.cpp [code]
view.h [code]
write.cpp [code]

Author(s): Tim Field, Jeremy Leibs, James Bowman
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