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pcl::octree::OctreeNode Class Reference

Abstract octree node class More...

#include <octree_nodes.h>

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virtual OctreeNodedeepCopy () const =0
 Pure virtual method to perform a deep copy of the octree.
virtual node_type_t getNodeType () const =0
 Pure virtual method for receiving the type of octree node (branch or leaf)
 OctreeNode ()
virtual ~OctreeNode ()

Detailed Description

Abstract octree node class

Every octree node should implement the getNodeType () method
Julius Kammerl (

Definition at line 68 of file octree_nodes.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 72 of file octree_nodes.h.

virtual pcl::octree::OctreeNode::~OctreeNode ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 77 of file octree_nodes.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual OctreeNode* pcl::octree::OctreeNode::deepCopy ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual node_type_t pcl::octree::OctreeNode::getNodeType ( ) const [pure virtual]

Pure virtual method for receiving the type of octree node (branch or leaf)

Implemented in pcl::octree::OctreeBranchNode< ContainerT >, pcl::octree::BufferedBranchNode< ContainerT >, and pcl::octree::OctreeLeafNode< ContainerT >.

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