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irb_2400_manipulator_ikfast_plugin.cpp File Reference
#include <ros/ros.h>
#include <kinematics_base/kinematics_base.h>
#include <urdf/model.h>
#include <tf_conversions/tf_kdl.h>
#include "irb_2400_manipulator_ikfast_solver.cpp"
#include <pluginlib/class_list_macros.h>
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class  irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKFastKinematicsPlugin
class  irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKSolver


namespace  irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics




IKFAST_API void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::ComputeFk (const IkReal *j, IkReal *eetrans, IkReal *eerot)
IKFAST_API bool irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::ComputeIk (const IkReal *eetrans, const IkReal *eerot, const IkReal *pfree, IkSolutionListBase< IkReal > &solutions)
void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::dgeev_ (const char *jobvl, const char *jobvr, const int *n, double *a, const int *lda, double *wr, double *wi, double *vl, const int *ldvl, double *vr, const int *ldvr, double *work, const int *lwork, int *info)
void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::dgesv_ (const int *n, const int *nrhs, double *a, const int *lda, int *ipiv, double *b, const int *ldb, int *info)
void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::dgetrf_ (const int *m, const int *n, double *a, const int *lda, int *ipiv, int *info)
void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::dgetri_ (const int *n, const double *a, const int *lda, int *ipiv, double *work, const int *lwork, int *info)
void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::dgetrs_ (const char *trans, const int *n, const int *nrhs, double *a, const int *lda, int *ipiv, double *b, const int *ldb, int *info)
IKFAST_API int * irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetFreeParameters ()
IKFAST_API const char * irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetIkFastVersion ()
IKFAST_API int irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetIkRealSize ()
IKFAST_API int irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetIkType ()
IKFAST_API const char * irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetKinematicsHash ()
IKFAST_API int irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetNumFreeParameters ()
IKFAST_API int irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::GetNumJoints ()
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKabs (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKabs (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKacos (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKacos (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKasin (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKasin (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKatan2 (float fy, float fx)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKatan2 (double fy, double fx)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKcos (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKcos (double f)
 irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKFAST_COMPILE_ASSERT (IKFAST_VERSION==61)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKfmod (float x, float y)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKfmod (double x, double y)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKlog (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKlog (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsign (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsign (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsin (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsin (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsqr (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsqr (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsqrt (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKsqrt (double f)
float irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKtan (float f)
double irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKtan (double f)
 PLUGINLIB_EXPORT_CLASS (irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::IKFastKinematicsPlugin, kinematics::KinematicsBase)
void irb_2400_manipulator_kinematics::zgetrf_ (const int *m, const int *n, std::complex< double > *a, const int *lda, int *ipiv, int *info)


const double LIMIT_TOLERANCE = .0000001

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const double LIMIT_TOLERANCE = .0000001

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