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ikfast.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <stdexcept>
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class  ikfast::IkFastFunctions< T >
 holds function pointers for all the exported functions of ikfast More...
class  ikfast::IkSingleDOFSolutionBase< T >
 holds the solution for a single dof More...
class  ikfast::IkSolution< T >
 Default implementation of IkSolutionBase. More...
class  ikfast::IkSolutionBase< T >
 The discrete solutions are returned in this structure. More...
class  ikfast::IkSolutionList< T >
 Default implementation of IkSolutionListBase. More...
class  ikfast::IkSolutionListBase< T >
 manages all the solutions More...


namespace  ikfast


#define IKFAST_VERSION   61
 Header file for all ikfast c++ files/shared objects.

Define Documentation

#define IKFAST_VERSION   61

Header file for all ikfast c++ files/shared objects.

The ikfast inverse kinematics compiler is part of OpenRAVE.

The file is divided into two sections:

  • Common - the abstract classes section that all ikfast share regardless of their settings
  • Library Specific - the library-specific definitions, which depends on the precision/settings that the library was compiled with

The defines are as follows, they are also used for the ikfast C++ class:

  • IKFAST_HEADER_COMMON - common classes
  • IKFAST_HAS_LIBRARY - if defined, will include library-specific functions. by default this is off
  • IKFAST_CLIBRARY - Define this linking statically or dynamically to get correct visibility.
  • IKFAST_NO_MAIN - Remove the ``main`` function, usually used with IKFAST_CLIBRARY
  • IKFAST_ASSERT - Define in order to get a custom assert called when NaNs, divides by zero, and other invalid conditions are detected.
  • IKFAST_REAL - Use to force a custom real number type for IkReal.
  • IKFAST_NAMESPACE - Enclose all functions and classes in this namespace, the ``main`` function is excluded. should be the same as ikfast.__version__

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