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diagnostic_updater._publisher.DiagnosedPublisher Class Reference
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A TopicDiagnostic combined with a ros::Publisher.

For a standard ros::Publisher, this class allows the ros::Publisher and
the TopicDiagnostic to be combined for added convenience.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def diagnostic_updater._publisher.DiagnosedPublisher.__init__ (   self,
Constructs a DiagnosedPublisher.

@param pub The publisher on which statistics are being collected.

@param diag The diagnostic_updater that the CompositeDiagnosticTask
should add itself to.

@param freq The parameters for the FrequencyStatus class that will be
computing statistics.

@param stamp The parameters for the TimeStampStatus class that will be
computing statistics.

Reimplemented from diagnostic_updater._publisher.TopicDiagnostic.

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Member Function Documentation

Collects statistics and publishes the message.

The timestamp to be used by the TimeStampStatus class will be
extracted from message.header.stamp.

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