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ArtSteer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ArtSteer ()
void run ()
 ~ArtSteer ()

Private Types

typedef art_msgs::DriverState DriverState

Private Member Functions

int calibrate_wheel_position (void)
void close ()
float degrees2volts (float degrees)
void GetCmd (const art_msgs::SteeringCommand::ConstPtr &cmdIn)
void GetPos (const art_msgs::IOadrState::ConstPtr &ioIn)
int open ()
void PublishStatus (void)
void read_wheel_angle (void)
float volts2degrees (float volts)

Private Attributes

bool angle_known_
boost::shared_ptr< Polynomialapoly_
int calibration_cycle_
int calibration_periods_
double cur_sensor_time_
boost::shared_ptr< devsteerdev_
bool diagnostic_
DriverState::_state_type driver_state_
ros::Subscriber ioadr_state_
double last_sensor_time_
float last_set_point_
float mean_voltage_
double sensor_timeout_
float set_point_
bool simulate_
float steering_angle_
ros::Subscriber steering_cmd_
ros::Publisher steering_diag_
float steering_sensor_
ros::Publisher steering_state_
boost::shared_ptr< testwheeltw_
boost::shared_ptr< Polynomialvpoly_
bool wheel_calibrated_
bool wheel_tested_

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

use this to detect when ioadr driver hung or not responding

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Member Function Documentation

int ArtSteer::calibrate_wheel_position ( void  ) [private]

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void ArtSteer::close ( ) [private]

close the device.

driver_state_ is CLOSED

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float ArtSteer::degrees2volts ( float  degrees) [inline, private]

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void ArtSteer::GetCmd ( const art_msgs::SteeringCommand::ConstPtr cmdIn) [private]

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void ArtSteer::GetPos ( const art_msgs::IOadrState::ConstPtr ioIn) [private]

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int ArtSteer::open ( ) [private]

open the device.

0 if successful.
state is OPENED (if successful)

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void ArtSteer::PublishStatus ( void  ) [private]

publish current device status

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void ArtSteer::read_wheel_angle ( void  ) [private]

Get simulated wheel angle from driver

Only required when simulating the position sensor (even when using the real steering device).

this should NOT be called until after calibrate_wheel_position
when simulate_ is true, tries to set steering_angle_, steering_sensor_, cur_sensor_time_, angle_known_

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void ArtSteer::run ( )

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float ArtSteer::volts2degrees ( float  volts) [inline, private]

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Member Data Documentation

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boost::shared_ptr<Polynomial> ArtSteer::apoly_ [private]

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double ArtSteer::cur_sensor_time_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<devsteer> ArtSteer::dev_ [private]

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double ArtSteer::last_sensor_time_ [private]

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float ArtSteer::last_set_point_ [private]

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float ArtSteer::mean_voltage_ [private]

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double ArtSteer::sensor_timeout_ [private]

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float ArtSteer::set_point_ [private]

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float ArtSteer::steering_angle_ [private]

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float ArtSteer::steering_sensor_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<testwheel> ArtSteer::tw_ [private]

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boost::shared_ptr<Polynomial> ArtSteer::vpoly_ [private]

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