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walk_interfaces: Humanoids Walking C++ Interface

C++ Interfaces used to generated humanoid robots walking movements. Provides the definition of the following structures:

  • footprints (2d, 3d),
  • trajectories (2d, 3d),
  • 2d points, 3d points, 2d frames, 3d frames as homogeneous matrices,
  • pattern generator (2d, 3d): an algorithm which produces feet, ZMP and center of mass trajectories from a stack of time parametrized footprints.
It also defines how of to store walking trajectories using the YAML format.

walk_interfaces provides abstract interfaces to define a pattern generator.

A pattern generator is a piece of software which generates walking reference trajectories.


The core of this package is the walk::PatternGenerator class. This is an abstract class which cannot be directly instantiated. This package cannot generate walking trajectories, it only provides interfaces.

See the other package of the humanoid_walk stack to obtain more information about the different available pattern generators.

Author(s): Thomas Moulard/thomas.moulard@gmail.com, Antonio El Khoury
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