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robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo Class Reference

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def __init__
def disable_torque
def enable_torque
def init_cont_turn
def is_moving
def kill_cont_turn
def move_angle
def move_to_encoder
def process_err
def read_address
def read_angle
def read_encoder
def read_load
def read_temperature
def read_voltage
def receive_reply
def send_instruction
def send_serial
def set_angvel
def write_address
def write_id

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Private Member Functions

def __calc_checksum

Detailed Description

Class to use a robotis RX-28 or RX-64 servo.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.__init__ (   self,
  series = None 
USB2Dynamixel - USB2Dynamixel_Device object to handle serial port.
            Handles threadsafe operation for multiple servos
    servo_id - servo ids connected to USB2Dynamixel 1,2,3,4 ... (1 to 253)
       [0 is broadcast if memory serves]
    series - Just a convenience for defining "good" defaults on MX series.
     When set to "MX" it uses these values, otherwise it uses values
     better for AX / RX series.  Any of the defaults can be overloaded
     on a servo-by-servo bases in

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Member Function Documentation

def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.__calc_checksum (   self,
) [private]

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sets CCW angle limit to zero and allows continuous turning (good for wheels).
After calling this method, simply use 'set_angvel' to command rotation.  This 
rotation is proportional to torque according to Robotis documentation.

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returns True if servo is moving.

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resets CCW angle limits to allow commands through 'move_angle' again

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def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.move_angle (   self,
  angvel = None,
  blocking = True 
move to angle (radians)

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move to encoder position n

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def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.read_address (   self,
  nBytes = 1 
reads nBytes from address on the servo.
    returns [n1,n2 ...] (list of parameters)

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returns the current servo angle (radians)

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returns position in encoder ticks

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number proportional to the torque applied by the servo.
    sign etc. might vary with how the servo is mounted.

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returns the temperature (Celcius)

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returns voltage (Volts)

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def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.send_instruction (   self,

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sends the command to the servo

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def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.set_angvel (   self,
angvel - in rad/sec

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def robotis.lib_robotis.Robotis_Servo.write_address (   self,
writes data at the address.
    data = [n1,n2 ...] list of numbers.
    return [n1,n2 ...] (list of return parameters)

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changes the servo id

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Member Data Documentation

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