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laser_pointer_detector_node Namespace Reference


class  EmbodiedLaserDetector
 Build detectors for both camera in stereo, create debugging images, triangulates and return 3D points Decides when to gather data. More...
class  LaserPointerDetectorNode
 Grab images, calls detectors, sends results out based on inputs from a user interface node. More...


def append_examples_from_file
def confirmation_prompt
def matrix_to_dataset
def print_friendly
def show_processed


string dest = 'camera'
string help = 'stereo pair root topic (wide_stereo, narrow_stereo, etc)'
tuple lpdn
tuple p = optparse.OptionParser()

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def laser_pointer_detector_node.matrix_to_dataset (   examples,
  type = 1 

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def laser_pointer_detector_node.show_processed (   image,

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Variable Documentation

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string laser_pointer_detector_node::help = 'stereo pair root topic (wide_stereo, narrow_stereo, etc)'

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Initial value:
00001 LaserPointerDetectorNode(, opt.calibration, 
00002             opt.dataset_file, display=opt.display)

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tuple laser_pointer_detector_node::p = optparse.OptionParser()

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Author(s): Hai Nguyen and Travis Deyle. Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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