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class  hrl_lib.rutils.FloatArrayListener
 Listens over ros network. More...
class  hrl_lib.rutils.GenericListener
 Takes a normal ROS callback channel and gives it an on demand query style interface. More...
class  hrl_lib.rutils.RateCaller
class  hrl_lib.rutils.RateListener
 Class for registering as a subscriber to a specified topic, where the messages are of a given type. More...
class  hrl_lib.rutils.UnresponsiveServerError


namespace  hrl_lib::rutils


def hrl_lib::rutils.bag_iter
 Iterator function for simplified filtered bag reading.
def hrl_lib::rutils.bag_sel
def hrl_lib::rutils.bag_sel_
 Select topics from a given bag.
def hrl_lib::rutils.call_save_service
 Calls the service with the given name and given parameters and returns the output of the service.
def hrl_lib::rutils.ignore_return
def hrl_lib::rutils.np_to_colored_pointcloud
def hrl_lib::rutils.np_to_pointcloud
 Converts a list of pr2_msgs/PressureState into a matrix.
def hrl_lib::rutils.np_to_rgb_pointcloud
def hrl_lib::rutils.pointcloud_to_np
def hrl_lib::rutils.ros_to_dict
 Converts any ros message class into a dictionary (currently used to make PoseStamped messages picklable)
def hrl_lib::rutils.wrap
 Used on ROS server (service provider) side to conveniently declare a function that returns nothing as a service.

Author(s): Cressel Anderson, Travis Deyle, Advait Jain, Hai Nguyen, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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