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class  Gaussian


def _weight
def cov
def cov_w
def fit
def fit

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def hrl_lib.prob._weight (   mat,
) [private]
Deprecated: This is an inefficient implementation.
Returns the result of mat*eye(weights).

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def hrl_lib.prob.cov (   m)
Returns an estimate of the covariance matrix associated with the data m.
m is a dxn matrix where d is the number of dimensions and n is the number of points

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def hrl_lib.prob.cov_w (   mat,
Returns a weighted covariance matrix.

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def (   points)
Returns a Gaussian object fit to input points.

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def (   points,
Returns a Gaussian object fit to the weighted input points.

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Author(s): Cressel Anderson, Travis Deyle, Advait Jain, Hai Nguyen, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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