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hrl_lib::data_display Namespace Reference


class  SelectRect
 Selection rectangle for TimeSeriesDisplay. More...
class  TimeSeriesDisplay
 plot lists of time series allow saving & annotation More...


def random_color
 gets a random color string


string DARKBLUE = '#008AB8'
string GREY = '#E0E0E0'
string LIGHTBLUE = '#33CCFF'
string LIME = '#CCFF33'

Function Documentation

gets a random color string

a random color string of format #XXXXXX

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Variable Documentation

string hrl_lib::data_display::DARKBLUE = '#008AB8'

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string hrl_lib::data_display::GREY = '#E0E0E0'

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string hrl_lib::data_display::LIME = '#CCFF33'

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Author(s): Cressel Anderson, Travis Deyle, Advait Jain, Hai Nguyen, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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