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class  face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector.AutoSelector
 This class is used to generate proposals for filter settings. More...


namespace  face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector

This file contains the AutoSelector class which can be used to create filter setting proposals form a knowledge-base.


def face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector._get_parameter_combinations
 Returns a finite set of parameter combinations that can be used as filter settings for an image area.
def face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector.auto_select_handler
 Handler for service requests.
def face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector.init_service
 Init a service node with name experience_autoselector and type experience_request.
def face_contour_detector.learing.auto_selector.normalize
 Normalize a value, that is in the finite domain between $min_{value}$ and $max_{value}$, to a new value between $norm_{min}$ and $norm_{max}$.
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