ecl_geometry Documentation

ecl_geometry: Geometry tools and functions

Any tools relating to mathematical geometry. Primarily featuring polynomials and interpolations.


This group includes various structures and tools used in geometry as well as various supporting classes and utilities.

External Components

There are quite a few useful tools also in eigen's geometry module. You can get access to these via the ecl_linear_algebra module.


Include the following at the top of any translation unit which requires this library:

        #include <ecl/geometry.hpp>

        // Angles
        using ecl::Angle;
        using ecl::wrap_angle;
        using ecl::degrees_to_radians;
        using ecl::radians_to_degrees;
        // Other Objects
        using ecl::CartesianPoint;
        using ecl::PascalsTriangle;
        // Functions that act on functions
        using ecl::Minimum;
        using ecl::Maximum;
        // Functions
        using ecl::Polynomial; // Also has some typedefs, LinearFunction, CubicPolynomial, QuadraticPoly...
        using ecl::TensionFunction;
        // Splines
        using ecl::SmoothLinearSpline;
        using ecl::CubicSpline;
        using ecl::TensionSpline;
        // Transforms
        using ecl::Pose2D;

You will also need to link to -lecl_geometry.


Refer to the class api/guide for each component.



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