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virtual CallResult call ()
 Call this callback.
 ServiceCallback (const ServiceCallbackHelperPtr &helper, const boost::shared_array< uint8_t > &buf, size_t num_bytes, const ServiceClientLinkPtr &link, bool has_tracked_object, const VoidConstWPtr &tracked_object)

Private Attributes

boost::shared_array< uint8_t > buffer_
bool has_tracked_object_
ServiceCallbackHelperPtr helper_
ServiceClientLinkPtr link_
uint32_t num_bytes_
VoidConstWPtr tracked_object_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ros::ServiceCallback::ServiceCallback ( const ServiceCallbackHelperPtr &  helper,
const boost::shared_array< uint8_t > &  buf,
size_t  num_bytes,
const ServiceClientLinkPtr &  link,
bool  has_tracked_object,
const VoidConstWPtr &  tracked_object 
) [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

virtual CallResult ros::ServiceCallback::call (  )  [inline, virtual]

Call this callback.

The result of the call

Implements ros::CallbackInterface.

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Member Data Documentation

boost::shared_array<uint8_t> ros::ServiceCallback::buffer_ [private]

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ServiceCallbackHelperPtr ros::ServiceCallback::helper_ [private]

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ServiceClientLinkPtr ros::ServiceCallback::link_ [private]

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VoidConstWPtr ros::ServiceCallback::tracked_object_ [private]

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