KDL::Rotation Member List

This is the complete list of members for KDL::Rotation, including all inherited members.
DoRotX(double angle)KDL::Rotation [inline]
DoRotY(double angle)KDL::Rotation [inline]
DoRotZ(double angle)KDL::Rotation [inline]
Equal(const Rotation &a, const Rotation &b, double eps)KDL::Rotation [friend]
EulerZYX(double Alfa, double Beta, double Gamma)KDL::Rotation [inline, static]
EulerZYZ(double Alfa, double Beta, double Gamma)KDL::Rotation [static]
Frame classKDL::Rotation [friend]
GetEulerZYX(double &Alfa, double &Beta, double &Gamma) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
GetEulerZYZ(double &alpha, double &beta, double &gamma) const KDL::Rotation
GetQuaternion(double &x, double &y, double &z, double &w) const KDL::Rotation
GetRot() const KDL::Rotation
GetRotAngle(Vector &axis, double eps=epsilon) const KDL::Rotation
GetRPY(double &roll, double &pitch, double &yaw) const KDL::Rotation
Identity()KDL::Rotation [inline, static]
Inverse() const KDL::Rotation [inline]
Inverse(const Vector &v) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
Inverse(const Wrench &arg) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
Inverse(const Twist &arg) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator!=(const Rotation &a, const Rotation &b)KDL::Rotation [friend]
operator()(int i, int j)KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator()(int i, int j) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator*(const Vector &v) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator*(const Rotation &lhs, const Rotation &rhs)KDL::Rotation [friend]
operator*(const Twist &arg) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator*(const Wrench &arg) const KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator=(const Rotation &arg)KDL::Rotation [inline]
operator==(const Rotation &a, const Rotation &b)KDL::Rotation [friend]
Quaternion(double x, double y, double z, double w)KDL::Rotation [static]
Rot(const Vector &rotvec, double angle)KDL::Rotation [static]
Rot2(const Vector &rotvec, double angle)KDL::Rotation [static]
Rotation()KDL::Rotation [inline]
Rotation(double Xx, double Yx, double Zx, double Xy, double Yy, double Zy, double Xz, double Yz, double Zz)KDL::Rotation [inline]
Rotation(const Vector &x, const Vector &y, const Vector &z)KDL::Rotation [inline]
RotX(double angle)KDL::Rotation [inline, static]
RotY(double angle)KDL::Rotation [inline, static]
RotZ(double angle)KDL::Rotation [inline, static]
RPY(double roll, double pitch, double yaw)KDL::Rotation [static]
SetInverse()KDL::Rotation [inline]
UnitX() const KDL::Rotation [inline]
UnitX(const Vector &X)KDL::Rotation [inline]
UnitY() const KDL::Rotation [inline]
UnitY(const Vector &X)KDL::Rotation [inline]
UnitZ() const KDL::Rotation [inline]
UnitZ(const Vector &X)KDL::Rotation [inline]
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