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class Predictor More...

#include <myPredictor.h>

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virtual void sampleFromGaussian (Distribution &d, int num_particles, Particle p_initial, Particle p_constraints, float sigma=1.0)
 Adds samples/particles to a distribution d by adding gaussian noise.

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class Predictor

Definition at line 19 of file myPredictor.h.

Member Function Documentation

void myPredictor::sampleFromGaussian ( Distribution d,
int  num_particles,
Particle  mean,
Particle  variance,
float  sigma = 1.0 
) [protected, virtual]

Adds samples/particles to a distribution d by adding gaussian noise.

d particle distribution
num_particles number of particles of resampled likelihood distribution
mean mean particle of distribution
variance variance of sampling in each degree of freedom (represented as particle)
sigma standard variation of sampling (dependent on confidence value -> sigma(c))

Reimplemented from Tracking::Predictor.

Definition at line 7 of file myPredictor.cpp.

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