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sr_remappers: Remaps data from and to the Shadow Robot hardware

Contains different remappers to remap data coming from an actuator such as the cyberglove (Immersion) to Shadow Robot's hand. It also contains remapper to remap data coming from the Shadow hand to an other mechanism such as the cybergrasp (Immersion).

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  • sr_remappers is used to remap data coming from different hardware to the Shadow Hardware. It also provides apps to remap data coming from the Shadow Hardware to different hardware.

    Generic principle for the Remapper

    The generic principle for those remappers is as follow:

    Cyberglove Remapper

    This is a remapper used to remap coming from a cyberglove node to a shadowhand node. It allows the user to control the Shadow Robot Dextrous Hand with a Cyberglove from Immersion. The cyberglove node can be found in the shadow_robot stack as well. There's a tool in sr_control_gui to generate an optimal mapping matrix for a given user in a few steps.

    You can specify different parameters in the launch file remapper_glove.launch:

    Cybergrasp Remapper

    This is used to remap sensor data coming from a shadowhand node to a cybergrasp node. It allows the user to have force feedback provided by the Cybergrasp from Immersion. The input data is a vector of tactile sensors coming from the shadowhand.

    Please note that this remapper is not really operational yet. The mapping used should be more complex than what is done for the time being to get a realistic feedback.

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