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def transform_incoming
def transform_outgoing
def will_copy

Detailed Description

A base son manipulator.

This manipulator just saves and restores objects without changing them.

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Member Function Documentation

def pymongo::son_manipulator::SONManipulator::transform_incoming (   self,
Manipulate an incoming SON object.

  - `son`: the SON object to be inserted into the database
  - `collection`: the collection the object is being inserted into

Reimplemented in pymongo::son_manipulator::ObjectIdInjector, pymongo::son_manipulator::ObjectIdShuffler, pymongo::son_manipulator::NamespaceInjector, and pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference.

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def pymongo::son_manipulator::SONManipulator::transform_outgoing (   self,
Manipulate an outgoing SON object.

  - `son`: the SON object being retrieved from the database
  - `collection`: the collection this object was stored in

Reimplemented in pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference.

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def pymongo::son_manipulator::SONManipulator::will_copy (   self  ) 
Will this SON manipulator make a copy of the incoming document?

Derived classes that do need to make a copy should override this
method, returning True instead of False. All non-copying manipulators
will be applied first (so that the user's document will be updated
appropriately), followed by copying manipulators.

Reimplemented in pymongo::son_manipulator::ObjectIdShuffler, and pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference.

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