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def __init__
def transform_incoming
def transform_outgoing
def will_copy

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Transparently reference and de-reference already saved embedded objects.

This manipulator should probably only be used when the NamespaceInjector is
also being used, otherwise it doesn't make too much sense - documents can
only be auto-referenced if they have an *_ns* field.

NOTE: this will behave poorly if you have a circular reference.

TODO: this only works for documents that are in the same database. To fix
this we'll need to add a DatabaseInjector that adds *_db* and then make
use of the optional *database* support for DBRefs.

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Member Function Documentation

def pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference::__init__ (   self,

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def pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference::transform_incoming (   self,
Replace embedded documents with DBRefs.

Reimplemented from pymongo::son_manipulator::SONManipulator.

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def pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference::transform_outgoing (   self,
Replace DBRefs with embedded documents.

Reimplemented from pymongo::son_manipulator::SONManipulator.

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def pymongo::son_manipulator::AutoReference::will_copy (   self  ) 
We need to copy so the user's document doesn't get transformed refs.

Reimplemented from pymongo::son_manipulator::SONManipulator.

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