laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv Class Reference

Maintains a history of laser scans and generates a point cloud upon request. More...

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Public Member Functions

void ConvertToCloud (const string &fixed_frame_id, const sensor_msgs::LaserScan &scan_in, sensor_msgs::PointCloud &cloud_out)
unsigned int GetPointsInScan (const sensor_msgs::LaserScan &scan)
 Returns the number of points in the current scan.
 LaserScanAssemblerSrv ()
 ~LaserScanAssemblerSrv ()

Private Attributes

< sensor_msgs::LaserScan > 
bool ignore_laser_skew_
laser_geometry::LaserProjection projector_
sensor_msgs::LaserScan scan_filtered_

Detailed Description

Maintains a history of laser scans and generates a point cloud upon request.

ROS Parameters

ROS Service Calls

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::LaserScanAssemblerSrv (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 60 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::~LaserScanAssemblerSrv (  )  [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

void laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::ConvertToCloud ( const string &  fixed_frame_id,
const sensor_msgs::LaserScan &  scan_in,
sensor_msgs::PointCloud &  cloud_out 
) [inline]

Definition at line 79 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

unsigned int laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::GetPointsInScan ( const sensor_msgs::LaserScan &  scan  )  [inline, virtual]

Returns the number of points in the current scan.

scan The scan for for which we want to know the number of points
the number of points in scan

Implements laser_assembler::BaseAssemblerSrv< sensor_msgs::LaserScan >.

Definition at line 74 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

filters::FilterChain<sensor_msgs::LaserScan> laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::filter_chain_ [private]

Definition at line 103 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

Definition at line 100 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

laser_geometry::LaserProjection laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::projector_ [private]

Definition at line 101 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

sensor_msgs::LaserScan laser_assembler::LaserScanAssemblerSrv::scan_filtered_ [mutable, private]

Definition at line 104 of file laser_scan_assembler_srv.cpp.

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