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This file contains nothing but C/C++ defines with the name of the project itself (PROJECT_NAME) and the name of the release (PROJECT_RELEASE) of the whole project. More...

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#define PROJECT_COPYRIGHT   "(c) SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG, 2007"
#define PROJECT_DATE   "2010-03-05"
 Date of the release of the software project.
#define PROJECT_NAME   "SDHLibrary-CPP"
 Name of the software project.
#define PROJECT_RELEASE   ""
 Release name of the whole software project (a.k.a. as the "version" of the project).

Detailed Description

This file contains nothing but C/C++ defines with the name of the project itself (PROJECT_NAME) and the name of the release (PROJECT_RELEASE) of the whole project.

General file information

Dirk Osswald

For a general description of the project see general project information.


Copyright (c) 2006 SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG

Definition in file release.h.

Define Documentation

#define PROJECT_COPYRIGHT   "(c) SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG, 2007"

Definition at line 407 of file release.h.

#define PROJECT_DATE   "2010-03-05"

Date of the release of the software project.

The date of the release of the project.

Definition at line 405 of file release.h.

#define PROJECT_NAME   "SDHLibrary-CPP"

Name of the software project.

The name of the "SDHLibrary-CPP" (C Library for accessing SDH from a PC) project.

Definition at line 51 of file release.h.

#define PROJECT_RELEASE   ""

Release name of the whole software project (a.k.a. as the "version" of the project).

The release name of the "SDHLibrary-CPP" project. The doxygen comment below contains the changelog of the project.

A suffix of "-dev" indicates a work in progress, i.e. a not yet finished release. A suffix of "-a", "-b", ... indicates a bugfix release.

From newest to oldest the releases have the following names and features:

  • (2010-02-19)
    • added doucmentation file SDH2_exchanging_tactile_sensors.pdf to distribution
    • added doucmentation file SDH2_wiring_test_board.pdf to distribution
    • added doucmentation file SDH training.pdf to distribution
    • updated doucmentation file SDH2_configuration-and-update.pdf
  • (2009-12-01)
    • added support for CAN devices from PEAK, kindly provided by Steffen Ruehl and Zhixing Xue
      • this caused some changes and additions in the command line option handling
      • made the "Linux-only" PEAK port work on Windows as well
    • fixed bug in both ESD and PEAK CAN support that might prevent proper access to several SDHs on same CAN interface from the same process. (Problem was static data in communication classes)
    • added online help of demonstration programs to doxygen documentation
    • changed Makefile to use 'uname' instead of unreliable OSTYPE to determine OSNAME
    • added demo-contact-grasping to show how to do very basic reactive grasping (using boost::threads to evaluate tactile sensor data concurrently)
    • added demo-mimic to show how to access 2 SDHs, one mimicing the movements of the other
    • bugfix: Bug 561: SDHLibray does not compile with VCC
      • the pragma pack was not used correctly, i.e. packing was not reset to normal after the structs to pack tightly
    • bugfix: Bug 568: option -M causes segfault on demo-dsa
    • enhancement: Bug 480: Include DSACON32 firmware within distribution
  • 2009-06-17
    • added missing includes of cstdio for gcc-4.4 as reported by Hannes Saal.
    • while adding webcheck to check the generated html files:
      • corrected settings in Doxyfile so that tagfiles not available for customer are no longer used in distribution
      • corrected broken/missing links in the distribution html files according to webcheck
    • added forgotten demo-velocity-acceleration project for VCC
    • bugfix: Bug 433: Invalid negative velocities remain set when switching from speed based controllers back to pose controller Adjusted documentation for SetController() accordingly
    • adjusted Library for new behaviour of firmware in eCT_VELOCITY_ACCELERATION controller type:
      • acceleration must no longer be given with correct sign. The sign of the acceleration is now determined automatically from the signs and magniturdes of the current reference velocity and the target velocity
      • Adjusted WaitAxis() since the state is now reported correctly by the firmware, even if in a speed based controller mode
      • adjusted doxygen documentation and demo-velocity-acceleration.cpp
      • current controller_type is now cached in cSDH object
      • Now using the same acceleration limits as the firmware
    • Date of library is now reported as well for option -v in the demo programs
    • corrected doxygen description of GetTemperature()
    • enhancement: Bug 442: acceleration limits cannot be queried from the firmware
      • added new commands to read acceleration limits from firmware
    • bugfix: Bug 432: temperature output does not respect the -F Fahrenheit switch from the comand line
    • enhancement: updated / corrected doxygen comments
      • updated known bugs
      • guarded text "SDH" with "%SDH" in doxygen comments to prevent doxygen from auto-linking to SDH namespaceup
    • extracted generation of distribution stuff from Makefile to Makefile-dist (since not needed by customer)
    • corrected use of CC and CPPC variables in Makefiles. Now these can be set from the environment. Needed to test compilation with alternative compilers like gcc-4.x instead of std gcc-3.x
    • corrected copy & paste errors in doxygen comments of cSDH::GetAxisMaxVelocity()
    • Bugfix Bug 333: Invalid default parameters and documentation for OpenESD_CAN Mix-up of hex and dec representation of the default IDs used for CAN communication
    • made compilation work without errors and warnings with gcc-4.3.2:
      • added additional includes like "cstring"
      • changed many char* to char const* to get rid of deprecation warnings
    • changed generation of distribution:
      • modified Doxyfile is now included so that user can generate documentation by himself
      • doc target is no longer a subtarget of all target in distributed Makefile (user will most likely not want to regenerate the docu)
    • updated links to misc packages and Weiss documentation in index-overview.html in distribution
    • added cancat program for sending inaccessible commands like change_rs232 via CAN
    • added info commands corresponding to new info commands in firmware:
      • in sdhserial:
        • soc - to read the SoC ID
        • soc_date : to read the date string of the SoC
        • ver_date : to read the release date of the firmware
      • in sdh:
        • enhanced GetInfo to read all the above also
      • in the option parser in auxilliary all the info is now printed if "-v" is given
    • added GetDuration command: returns the calculate duration of the currently configured movement (target angle, velocity, acceleration, velocity profile) but does not execute the movement. This simplifies scripts like a great deal.
    • made py.test test_sdh work again.
    • while working on Bug 224: Positioning delay of 5s when using SDHLibrary-CPP
      • removed call to SleepSec() in loop in serial for VCC, needed to get rid of delays
      • implemented cSimpleTime in VCC version
    • added support for new firmware v0.0.2.0 commands
      • soc, soc_date, ver_date
      • GetDuration
  • 2008-06-13
    • added basic support for the tactile sensors,
      • new library classes cDSA, cCRC
      • new demo program demo-dsa
  • 2008-06-06
    • added missing files for vcc compilation in distribution
    • removed error in overloaded Sleep function. Internal version renamed to SleepSec.
    • made demo-GetAxisActualAngle and demo-temperature work in periodic mode in Visual Studio
    • untabified all source and header files for use with Visual Studio
    • autostart feature for distribution CD
    • added project files for the demo-* programs to the Visual Studio solutions file to make the demo programs available under VCC too
    • added forgotten WITH_ESD_CAN=1 to Visual Studio project file for SDHLibrary
    • workaround for accessing RS232 from VCC (WriteFile() does not return number of bytes sent)
    • With VCC the communication via RS232 still has some bugs: long pauses and timeouts,
    • With VCC the "-t" parameter for periodic replies in demos does not work yet
  • 2008-05-26
    • added compatibility code for MS Visual C++ Compiler (VCC)
      • sdhlibrary_defines with compatibility macros
      • pragmas for VCC
      • _attribute_ are switched off for VCC
      • all SDH specific classes can be put in a namespace called "SDH"
    • added index-overview.html with overview of distributed files
    • index.html files in distribution are parsed for ${PROJECT_*}
  • 2008-05-21
    • CAN timeout is now correctly set
    • fixed bug in cpp/Makefile: OSNAME_LINUX=1 was always appended to EXTRACPPFLAGS no matter what OS was used
    • renamed interace member to comm_interface
  • 2008-05-17
    • bug fix: minor changes to make compilation work on Linux. (ESDs ntcan.h for Windows is different from that for Linux)
    • still contains a bug that can be fixed without recompilation:
      • The Linux version of ntcan canOpen does not accept timeout values < 0
      • Workaround for demo programs: Use an additional "-T 0.0" command line parameter
  • 2008-05-16
    • added C++ support for CAN using ESD cards
    • added support for variable baudrate for RS232 communication
    • made command line option handling in c++ demo programs more generic
    • corrected a bug in SDHLibrary-CPP that caused a SEGV (empty throw statement outside of a catch block)
  • 2007-12-27
    • release for RoboCluster, Denmark
      • added ref command and demo-ref program (needed for SDH-003)
      • corrected minor errors to make the above work
  • 2007-06-06
    • Included bugfixes from release (bugfix release for Uni Wales, see below) into release for care-o-bot
  • 2007-05-24
    • Release for care-o-bot (IPA, Stuttgart), mai 2007
    • Restructured files: library stuff into sdh/ and demo programs in demo/ to ease installation on user platform
    • Added library support for the new firmware features:
      • cSDHSerial: a() vp(), vel()
      • cSDH: Get/SetAxisAcceleration(), GetAxisMaxAcceleration(), Get/SetVelocityProfile(), GetAxisCurrentVelocity()
    • while preparing release for IPA care-o-bot:
      • since line endings are corrected in firmware now removed the special EOL treatmnt in readline
      • enhanced generation of distribution
      • extended README files
      • added demo-simple3 in cpp and python
      • made compilation work on linux without warnings (SuSE 8.1 and Knoppix_v5.1.1)
      • added requested functions GetAxisActualState() and WaitAxis() in cpp and python library
      • added eAxisState enums from firmware
      • corrected some yet undetected errors
      • corrected / enhanced some doxygen comments
      • tried to find bug:
        • firmware not moving from 5,-5,0,0,0,0,0 to 20,0,0,0,0,0,0:
        • axis 1 is stuck at 1.4...
        • bug could not be resolved (does not happen for for larger movements)
  • 2007-03-19
    • Release for demo at NASA, march 2007
      • adjusted expected lines for "m" command (it now prints one line debug output for every axis)
  • 2007-06-05
    • Release modified according to bug report from Martin Huelse
      • A cSDH object could be opened successfully even if no SDH was connected or was connected but not powered:
        • added demo-test program to verify erroneous / repaired behaviour
        • added SetTimeout and GetTimeout to cRS232 class
        • made the code to verify proper connection to SDH work
      • Exceptions could not be caught properly:
        • corrected some real printf-style format string related problems in creations of exceptions
        • added gcc style printf-style format string checking (to enable the compiler to detect errors like the above at compile time)
        • The following piece of information from the C++ Annotations was not considered properly. See "A function for which a function throw list is specified may not throw other types of exceptions. A run-time error occurs if it tries to throw other types of exceptions than those mentioned in the function throw list."
        • corrected the function throw lists/exception specification lists so that the most generic type thrown was listed. Thus all the user-level functions now just mention cSDHLibraryException* in their function throw list as all thrown exceptions are derived from it.
    • Further changes
      • added further function throw lists/exception specification lists
      • merged in some changes from newer releases (up to
        • retrying of sending in case of transmission errors
        • naming of sequential / non sequential (formerly called synchronous/asynchronous)
        • fixed many typos in doxygen comments
  • 2007-03-09
    • Release modified at visit Uni-Whales
      • Changes to make everything work on Ubuntu-Linux
      • Enhanced Makefile a little bit to be more comfortable for the end user
  • 2007-03-07
    • release, for Uni-Wales
    • initial release, works for the first time, but not relyably

Definition at line 398 of file release.h.

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