Class UrclLogHandler

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

  • public urcl::LogHandler

Class Documentation

class UrclLogHandler : public urcl::LogHandler

Loghandler for handling messages logged with the C++ client library. This loghandler will log the messages from the client library with ROS2s logging. Use registerLogHandler to register this LogHandler. This class shouldn’t be instantiated directly.

Public Functions


Default constructor.

void log(const char *file, int line, urcl::LogLevel loglevel, const char *message) override

Function to log a message.

  • file – The log message comes from this file

  • line – The log message comes from this line

  • loglevel – Indicates the severity of the log message

  • log – Log message

inline const std::string &getTFPrefix() const

getTFPrefix - obtain the currently set tf_prefix